Laura and Logan | A Walk Down Memory Lane Proposal

How We Met: Laura and I met through our common friend Vivian. Vivian invited me to go out to dinner at a local Korean place and she brought Laura along. Later, Laura and I exchanged some messages here and there and ended up becoming friends. Things gradually developed into a dating relationship.

how they asked: Laura is the absolute love of my life so I wanted her proposal to be over the top. Laura loves romance, romantic lighting, and bright colors so I used that as the theme.


I rented out a gorgeous room with a view of the water and the city. Outside of the room I had a sign made that said her Chinese name and then “Take A Walk With Me Down Memory Lane.” When Laura walked in, she was blown away and her reaction was priceless.






The room was covered in rose petals, hanging rose pomanders, and candles. There were gorgeous trees with hanging votives and tags which had our favorite memories written on them. Next, I had photos of her and I displayed all around the room. I walked her over to a table where I had my poems hand painted on to canvases, proudly displayed.



walk down memory lane proposal


I love singing to her and it always makes her cry so it is there that I sang “Love Me Tender” and proposed. She said yes and made me the happiest man alive. Then our friends came in to celebrate after!





Proposal Planner: The Heart Bandits
Photo & Video: Brent Foster Cinema
Florals: Oak Farms, LTD