Laura and Lee

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How We Met

Lee and I met through mutual friends on social media in June of 2015. We went on a couple standard dates, and before I knew it we were inseparable. Our first kiss gave me goosebumps. I knew I loved him within a month of us dating. We do everything that we can together, from working out to watching Scrubs or downing an entire pizza. Lee is kind, gentle, funny, patient, strong, a hard worker, and optimistic. He loves Dragon Ball Z, Batman, and especially pro wrestling. Lee was an Indy professional wrestler for almost 4 years. When we first started dating, I enjoyed going with him to shows and watching him perform.

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I helped him make promotional videos, took pictures and video of his matches and supported in any way I could. He was a wonderful wrestler, a charismatic hot-head that enjoyed yelling at the crowd, making them laugh, and being the foil to his tag-team counterpart. When injuries caused Lee to stop wrestling, we started putting on our own wrestling shows on in our hometown. Wrestling has always been Lee’s first love, and I admired his decision to run shows if he couldn’t be in the ring. I help him plan and execute Redding Invasion Pro Wrestling, a company we run to make wrestling a foundation of entertainment in our home town. We work as a team on everything, and you could say this wrestling company is our baby.

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how they asked

During our 3rd wrestling show in November 2016, Redding Invasion 3, Lee grabbed the microphone and walked into the ring to rally the crowd and announce intermission. I was running the snack booth and selling hot dogs, as I had done at our previous events. I was paying half attention when Lee came out of the ring and introduced me to the crowd. As I was busy mid-dog, I awkwardly waved.

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Lee thanked me for my work and support, and before I knew it, he was on one knee, holding a box with a beautiful ring in my face. The crowd of 200 plus amped up fans started chanting “YES! YES! YES!”

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I was so happy and completely dumb-founded, finally realizing why he was so anxious to make sure my parents attended the show. I already knew I wanted to marry this man, but I did not see this coming whatsoever.

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My mom’s jaw had dropped to the floor, dad was beaming, and my friend Beka was behind me sobbing. Lee, the wrestler, the show-stopper, was going for the best ‘cheap pop’ Redding wrestling had ever seen. I squeaked out a “yes” and the crowd went wild. Lee and I are getting married in December 2018, very likely in the same place he proposed. Our next wrestling show is in a week! ?

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