Laura and Kyle

I joined a friend of mine for coffee one day at a local cafe, he was friends with her but I have never met her, the moment I saw Laura she was absolutely breath taking, so beautiful and full of positive energy, being around her made everything fun and positive energy. As I was ordering my coffee and turned and told my friend “I don’t know who that girl is or anything about her buy I’d marry that woman right now, she’s absolutely amazing”.  So I asked Laura after receiving my coffee “do you know of a place I can buy a great ring”, my buddy laughed and she didn’t quite get it as she rambled off some good stores my friend and I just laughed. After going in several times later for coffee I got to know Laura and began to date and get to know one another. I knew from the moment we met she was the one for me. Roughly a year later I have a ring for her and take her on a little getaway to the family farm where she loves to be. It was July 10th when we were prepping the horses to go out for a ride, my uncle knew what was coming and he hid in the barn to get it all on camera, I meet Laura over at the round pin to warm up the horses, I get down and tie off the horses to adjust her saddle, I got her saddle fixed up for her and I asked her if she remember the day I asked you where I could buy a ring at, “yes”  she replies,  “I have found that ring and I want to spend my life together with you Laura Elizabeth Alter,  will you marry me?”


Tears of joy run down her face as she replied “of course I will marry you!”  Laura jumped down off her horse and gave me huge hug with tears of joy and happiness putting the ring on her finger. We took that next ride around the farm on horses as engaged and wedding is coming up on October 17th!