Laura and Kurt | London Proposal

How We Met: Her Side

My Junior year of college at Ohio University I moved in with a group of girls who had grown up with Kurt. I kept hearing stories about him and finally we met, however, at that time I had a boyfriend. Fortunately, this paved the way to a strong and fun friendship where we truly got to know each other. He was my go-to friend, always offering to walk me home, take care of me (if necessary… oh college…) and be dragged around to endless events which I’m sure he had no interest in. Eventually I saw the writing on the wall (well actually my mom finally asked “Who is this Kurt guy you won’t stop talking about?!”) and realized I had been crazy about Kurt since we first hung out. After a long overdue first kiss in a stairwell, we spent the rest of our time at OU together as a couple.

How We Met: His Side

Laura and I met our junior year at OU when she was living in a house with some of my high school friends. Throughout the Fall we were constantly drawn to each other in social situations, and would end up spending the majority of the night hanging out. We began dating shortly after we came back from school after winter break and haven’t looked back.
how they asked: Her Side

Kurt and I were lucky enough to go with my family to England last summer to visit some other family. We decided to fly into London and spend a night there before making the drive up north to Carlisle to my grandparents home. Little did I know that when his mom picked us up to take us to the airport, she had slipped Kurt the engagement ring which hadn’t been ready until the morning of when we left! After having a drink with my sister and her boyfriend Britt, we separated so we could do some exploring. As we were walking down the wharf on the River Thames across from the London Eye, Kurt stopped me to say that his favorite part of his day was waking up next to me. He got down on one knee and then asked, “And I want to wake up next to you for the rest of my life, will you marry me?” I, of course, screamed yes and as I slipped the ring on my finger we heard a round of applause. To our surprise a double decker bus had witnessed the entire proposal, with numerous passengers filming and taking pictures and they all wished us congratulations. A truly amazing day, which will lead to our July 7,
2012 wedding.

how they asked: His Side

I proposed to Laura last July while we were on a vacation in London. I had planned to do it on the first day of the trip, but didn’t have a plan as to when and where. I was very nervous throughout our flight and throughout the day. We took a walk down to see Westminster, Big Ben, and the London eye. As we walked around I was getting more and more nervous as to where I should do it. We eventually found ourselves alone looking across the river at the London eye. I dropped down to one knee and proposed to Laura. Little did we know that traffic had been backed up and a red, double Decker bus tour had witnessed the whole thing. When she said yes they were all cheering and taking pictures. It was a great moment and story we’ll get to share for the rest of our lives.

Photos by Veronica Varos out of PA.