Laura and Kris

How We Met

Kris and I attended the same elementary school and same intermediate school and grew up in houses 10 minutes away from each other but it wasn’t until high school that we actually met and became friends. We had a few friends in common and would see each other every so often at school events and friend’s houses, but we just remained friendly, nothing more – the timing wasn’t right. After high school we lost touch – he went to college a few hours away and I stayed in NYC. The years went by and I’d sometimes hear his name brought up by mutual friends, but again, the timing wasn’t right yet. Fast forward to December 2011 and we reconnected by meeting up one night to go look at Christmas decorations in the neighborhood we grew up in. And the rest is history.

how they asked

December 14, 2013: Our very own “National Lampoon’s Christmas Engagement.
“One of the BEST days of my life in our own little snow globe.
“Laura, let’s go to the roof to see the snow and the NYC skyline”
(looks out the window to see the blanket of white and snow coming down hard)
“No, I just curled my hair and company is coming soon. I’m NOT going outside.”
“Um, but .. let’s show Charlie (our 5lb puppy) snow for the first time!”
“Oh, aw, yes! That’s a GREAT idea – okay!!”

I guess I’m a sucker for promises of puppies and snow.


We watched Christmas movies all morning and prepared for the holiday party we were hosting before he asked me to go up to the roof. It started snowing unexpectedly that afternoon and continued throughout the evening.  I was concerned how and if our guests were going to be able to make it to our party, while poor Kris was figuring out how he was going to get me up on the roof during a mini snowstorm.

Our own little snow globe

When we came back down from the roof to our place our family were already inside to celebrate. The rest of the evening was spent with some of my best friends who trekked through the snow to celebrate with us (again, the holiday party was originally planned – the engagement and mini blizzard were unexpected). We were all dressed in crazy Christmas attire. He actually asked me to marry him dressed as Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation while holding our dog who was also dressed for Christmas. I’ll never forget that day and how magical it was. It was a beautiful Christmas engagement. The day couldn’t have been more perfect – family, friends, him, me, our pup, and as if he planned it himself, a beautiful snowy day.