Laura and Kevin

Image 1 of Laura and KevinWhen I was in my last year of graduate school in Florida, I met Kevin through my roommate who was dating Kevin’s brother. Being 100% Irish and a boat lover, when our first kiss was on a boat while out for a St. Patrick’s day Spring Break cruise, I knew it was meant to be ;) Boating has always been a big part of both my family as well as Kevin’s, especially Kevin’s dad. Unfortunately when me and Kevin first started dating his father was losing his 7 year battle with cancer. Within a month of dating, Kevin’s father sadly past away. I was lucky enough to have met the amazing man who raised Kevin. So it was no surprise to me that Kevin chose the proposal he did. As St. Patrick’s day approached, Kevin had my mother, father, sister, and brother-in-law fly down from New York for a sunny Florida weekend. While out on Kevin’s boat for the first ride of the season, he took me and my family to a place called Whiskey Creek which I knew Kevin and his family had spent a lot of time together on their father’s boat when he was a kid. As we pulled up to dock Kevin had my dad take over the wheel and he came to sit with me and explained to me how important Whiskey Creek was. He said it reminded him of his dad and he felt his dad present every time we were there. He then proceeded to tell me that he wanted to bring me here for the rest of his life with our future family and make memories like his family did, and simply asked will you be my wife? I of course said Yes Yes Yes. My mother and sister were filming the whole thing! It doesn’t end there either, as we approached the beach to dock Kevin had contacted all of our closest family and friends to surprise me at the beach with a beach BBQ to celebrate our engagement.

Image 2 of Laura and Kevin