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I had just got done working a ten hour event at the University I work for. I was completely exhausted and the last thing I wanted to do was to go on the date that Kellen had planned a few weeks ago. In fact, I washed my face, put on my sweats, and crawled into bed right before calling him to suggest we just hang out that night. He however did not give in to my plea to stay in (thankfully) and we continued with our date night in Springfield. On our way to our date in Springfield, Kellen’s gas light came on, but instead of getting gas right when we got into town he insisted we wait until closer to the restaurant. After pumping gas I watched Kellen walk towards the gas station, which seemed kind of strange, but I didn’t think too much of it and started looking at something on my phone. All of a sudden I get a knock on my window and much to my surprise, Kanon, Kellen’s younger brother was standing there and Kellen was no where to be found. He asked me to move to the back seat of Kellen’s truck and watch a video that Kellen had made for me while he drove me around. Meanwhile, Kellen had taken off in Kanon’s vehicle to the top of the parking garage where we had met on our first date. In the video, Kellen talked about the start of our relationship, how much he cared for me, the good and bad times we had been through together, how God has shaped parts of our relationship, and how he wanted to spend forever with me. After I finished the video, Kanon drove me to the parking garage where Kellen and I had met. For some background, at the end of our first date, Kellen and I had spent the last three hours of the date talking in his truck at the top of the very same parking garage. As we pulled into the garage, I noticed that two of my sisters were standing at the entrance holding a sign with a Bible verse about love on it. As you can see in the video, at every level of the garage Kellen had important people in my life holding various signs with Bible verses and messages on them.


To say I was shocked would be an understatement! He even had the couple who set us up standing where my car had been parked on our first date holding a sign that said, The moment I realized I believe in love at first sight!



As we got to the top of the garage, Kellen came over and walked me to a spot with rose petals and proposed! We all celebrated the engagement with sparking grape juice and reservations at a local restaurant! I am beyond excited to marry this man! His personality compliments mine so many ways, he challenges me to be better, and encourages me to grow in my relationship with Jesus every day! I am so excited to be on his team for the rest of our lives! Thank you for sharing in my excitement for how they asked me to spend forever with him!






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