Laura and Justin

How We Met

Most people think getting involved with someone from work is a terrible idea and I have to admit that I use to be one of those people! Funny enough, I am now getting married to someone who I met at my first corporate office job. I met my fiance, Justin, within my first week of starting my new position. I certainly wasn’t expecting or planning to meet anyone at work. One day I was training on the job when Justin popped his head over my cubical wall and made a joke as a way to introduce himself. He made me laugh so hard and at that point, I was determined to learn more about him. I would try to find ways to interact with him any way I could. I would mostly send him emails, lots and lots of emails. Once we got more comfortable with each other we arranged a group outing to a karaoke night with some co-workers. We ended up ignoring our co-workers most of the night and using it as an opportunity to get to know each other better. Everyone ended up leaving that night, but we stayed out together. That night turned out to be what we celebrate as our first date and we have been together ever since.

how they asked

Justin and I have talked a lot about the future, so I knew the proposal was coming. I just didn’t know when, where or how the proposal would happen. I would find myself thinking – is it going to happen on my birthday, our vacation, or on a special holiday? I even got my co-workers in on the fun by starting an office pool on when we thought Justin would pop the question. The proposal happened on our 6th anniversary as a couple. We decided to celebrate our anniversary with a night out to get dinner and drinks. Our first stop of the night, Bar Fausto, is where the proposal happened. The first thing I saw when we walked into the bar was a photo booth. I should probably preface that I love photo booths, actually, I would say that I am obsessed with photo booths. Justin and I grabbed a drink before heading to dinner, but before we left I suggested we take some pictures to commemorate the night. On our second set of pictures, Justin popped the question. He pulled the ring box out right before the pictures started snapping. We have such a great set of pictures of the proposal and Justin couldn’t have picked a more perfect way to propose to me.

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