Laura and Joshua

How We Met

Joshua and I both attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where we both majored in Marketing. My roommate, Erica Watts, introduced us our junior year while the two were working on a group project. We later found out we had multiple classes together and ended up working on a couple group projects together as well. We graduated in 2012 and continued to keep in touch here and there for the next year.

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At random we decided to get together for a Jason Aldean concert and have a couple of our friends tag along. A week before the concert me and a girlfriend had planned to go to a John Mayer concert. Little did I know her boyfriend was coming along as well and not wanting to be the third wheel I decided to invite Joshua. It was a Wednesday night and he wasn’t the biggest fan of John Mayer but he decided to save me from my third wheel predicament.

We danced, sang, and yes had our first kiss. From there our summer was filled with concerts, UNCC football games, and lake days. The summer wrapped up with us finally making it official!

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how they asked

Joshua’s work keeps him busy lots of weekends. Including our anniversary this past year. Since we weren’t able to celebrate the weekend of we made plans to celebrate the following weekend. As always with Joshua he didn’t provide me with too many details, wanting to surprise me.

Saturday morning he showed up to my house and brought me breakfast in bed, chocolate chip bananas pancakes, my favorite! We lounged for a bit then packed up for a full day of adventure as he promised. First up was a hike at the US National White Water Center. This is where we had one of our first dates. We spent the whole date asking funny, serious, and creative questions back and forth. Still one of my favorite dates to date! After the hike we took a selfie, of course! Then it was back to the truck.

Next up we arrived at our alma mater. Joshua pulled out a blanket and cooler. My first picnic was happening right where we met. PB&J sandwiches, apples, and Oreos – the perfect old school lunch! Lucky for us the weather was incredible so we spend the next hour or so lounging in the grass talking about the glory days and catching some rays .

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From there Joshua took me to Treehouse Vineyards. An adorable vineyard in Monroe, NC. We grabbed a bottle of wine, sat on a tree swing, and talked about the last two years together. A super sweet moment! We then headed up the treehouse stairs to look over the vineyard, sip more wine, and indulge in the cheese + charurterie + crackers Joshua packed for us.

Back to the house we went where said we could take some blog photos . So while I got ready he snoozed it up. Once ready we grabbed the camera and headed out to pick a location to shoot. Usually Joshua is all about picking a place prior but this time he said he’ll just walk up here and see what we find. After about two minutes he started saying all these sweet things and saying I love you – a lot! We made our way into the Fourth Ward park by his house and it was there that he told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and asked if I would be his best friend for life. With a brief pause I said YES! We kissed and there was a BIG wooohooo. One of our best friends, Chris Mathews, was in the bushes taking photos.

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We went back to Joshua’s to celebrate – champagne, roses, and more photos! It was then Joshua explained that the day wasn’t over quite yet, we had dinner plans. I changed real quick and we made our way to dinner. It was at Rock Bottom, where our very first date was. The waitress took us a back corner of the restaurant and it was there that I saw my family and his! Such an amazing surprise and exactly who we both wanted to celebrate this incredible moment with.

To say it perfect is the largest understatement! The proposal was everything I’ve ever wanted and way more. I am one lucky lady!

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Special Thanks

Adrinne Beaver
 | Photographer