Laura and Josh

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How We Met

Josh and I were set up on a blind date by a common friend!

We met on a Sunday evening after I was off of work (at the time, I worked for the Minnesota Timberwolves and we had a 2:30 PM game that day). I met Josh for dinner at Red Cow in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which was a restaurant a few blocks down the street from the Target Center. I remember walking by the entrance windows of the restaurant and seeing this handsome man sitting at the table like it was yesterday. I can still pick out of our closet what he was wearing that night! As I walked by those windows, I remember hoping that the handsome man at the table was Josh, even though I was beyond nervous. Fast forward to today, I am so glad the man at the table was Josh and that our friend and set us up on a blind date.

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how they asked

Two years ago Josh and I were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. A blind date, I must stay, that I was not looking forward to attending. Lone-behold the date was fantastic! Josh was cute, funny, and such a gentleman. Over the course of the next two years we learned we had a lot in common, including for our love of the movie, Happy Gilmore. Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend 2017, Josh had taken me to dinner at the place we met for our “year and a half anniversary”. I thought it was cute, little did I know it was part of a grander plan. After dinner he took me to the local indoor ice rink (in Minnesota, indoor ice rinks have ice year-round!) and reenacted the entire rink scene from Happy Gilmore! The lights in the rink turned off, a spot light was shown on us, Endless Love was playing in the background – it was so awesome! Josh then handed me a puck and a hockey stick and hilariously repeated a line from the movie, “If you make this, I’ll never talk to you again. But if you miss, you have to give me a kiss and pretend to like it.” But instead of a kiss, I got a ring (a promise) to be each other’s forever and always. It was a perfect engagement and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with my very own Happy Gilmore.

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