Laura and Joseph

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How We Met

Joseph and I had met in high school, back in 2001. We had become acquaintances and through the years following high school, kept in touch. Fast forward nearly 10 years, I was already living on the east coast, while he was in California, we had planned to meet for dinner during my 10 trips home to visit family and my new niece.

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During my trip home, we met, along with a group of friends over dinner followed by drinks. Little did I know at the time, following dinner, he had asked everyone else to call it a night so that, he and I, would have a solo evening out. [He confessed to me six years later that he liked me more than “just a friend”]. Apparently we hit it off because we were inseparable over the next four days.

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Before we knew it, my trip had come to an end and I was headed back to the east coast. His romantic self drove 45 minutes to LAX to sit with me for a quick 30 minutes at 2 AM before I went through security, not knowing what more, if anything, would come from the trip to California.

Before long, upon my return to the east coast, we began an eight-month long-distance relationship, which has led to this very moment of perfection.

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How They Asked

It was the most perfect moment, although it didn’t play out in any of the million ways I had ever imagined in my wildest dreams.

Like many women, I had envisioned this moment in countless ways. I had always imagined something big, exciting, “all-out” and “over the top”.But let me tell you, for exactly that reason, this moment was so perfect.

It was another crazy busy day. I woke up to try to get some work in while at home, got ready, and rushed off to the office in a hurry for another day filled with back to back meetings, calls, urgent emails and well, …….. Chaos implementing new clients as smoothly as possible given the time. For anyone who doesn’t know, saying that the 4th quarter in the insurance industry is insane would be an understatement.

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After a chaotic day in the office, I rushed off to another meeting and a stop at my favorite baby expo, the Biggest Baby Shower, in which I was working. Joseph was to meet me there, however, I was wrapping up when he text me that he was barely on his way. I had told him that he didn’t need to worry about getting uptown since I was already almost done and I was planning on heading back to the office to finish prepping for the following day. None the less, he texts back letting me that he was already waiting for the train with the little guy. “No biggie”, I thought as I chatted with a few more mamas while I waited for them to arrive. He arrived and we proceeded to enjoy some goodies and then caught the subway back home (by then, I was starving and my feet were killing me so I had already decided to pass on my plan to return to the office).

Absolutely nothing was out of the ordinary for a weekday evening. We stopped atWholefoodsto get the items to make one of my favorites, vegan Caprese sandwiches, and of course, cereal (because we are cereal fanatics in this house). We continued our stroll home when Joel mentioned that he wanted to take photos of the little guy. We stopped taking photos, followed by a few more and then a few more. I was beginning to get a bit impatient because my feet were aching so bad from being on them in 4-inch boots all day and I was hangry.

Eventually, Joseph noted that he and the little guy had a surprise for me and asked me to close my eyes. (again, nothing out of the ordinary, since we often would surprise each other with a muffin or something from a bakery or something that we happened to pass during our day out). Realistically, I had thought it was going to be a cookie or some sweet treat because of this and he had coincidentally just mentioned a random coffee shop that he had passed on his way to the train to meet me earlier.

As I stood there with my eyes closed and my hands out anticipating a cookie (or sweet treat), I hear Joseph talking to the little guy and paper crinkling (again, adding to my theory); Joseph tells me to open my eyes. As I open my eyes I see him and the little one kneeling holding this beautiful piece.

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To say I was taken off guard would be an understatement!

I was in shock and literally speechless. I felt like a minute (but probably only 30 seconds) that I had stood there starring, jaw dropped, hands out and SPEECHLESS, until I eventually muttered, “Is this happening”? YES, yes it was!

19 years of friendship, 9 years of dating 2 pups & one handsome little boy who means the world to us = YES! YES, a million times!

Special Thanks

Jospeh Quinones
 | Photographer