Laura and Jordan

How We Met

Jordan and I met in college at the University of Florida in November 2012. It was my senior year homecoming and my sorority was paired with his fraternity for a week of events leading up to the big game. We met on the first night at the first party, and it was honestly, love at first sight. He officially asked me to be his girlfriend 3 weeks later, on his birthday! We’ve been inseparable ever since and our love for each other (and the Gators!) only grew deeper and deeper.

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We moved in together two years later when we finished college. Life brought us to Washington, DC where we both pursued our Master’s degrees. He received his MA in International Affairs and I finished my MPH. He currently works in Arlington, VA and I’m getting my DPT from George Washington University. Our lives got very busy in tackling the nation’s capital!

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We’ve had many adventures along the way, and always supported each other’s dreams. When times were tough, he was always there to show me the light. We even took on one of our biggest adventures and adopted a dog together!

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How They Asked

It was my spring break and after taking several midterm exams, I was very excited about the cruise we booked. The cruise was also during the week of my birthday. On my birthday (March 12) we spent the day snorkeling and kayaking in Grand Cayman. Jordan told me the day before that he booked a photographer to take pictures of us during sunset on my birthday. He said I always complained that we never had enough good pictures of us in our apartment, so he thought it would make a good birthday present. We got dressed up and went to several spots around the ship to take pictures. Little did I know that this was all a setup and both the photographer and cruise director were in on the surprise to come.

We went to several of our favorite spots around the ship, one of my favorites was the infinity bridge that overlooked the ocean. I felt like I was in a dream.

After several rounds of pictures, we were taken to an exclusive part of the highest point on the ship. The sun was starting to set and it seemed like our photo session was wrapping up. Right as the sun was setting, Jordan asked the photographer if he could take one more picture. That’s when he reached into his suit pocket and got down on one knee. I was speechless and overcome with emotions and when he asked me the easy question of my life, I said YES! The cruise staff had champagne and glasses ready for our post-celebratory toast following the proposal.

He told me afterward that he decided to propose on my birthday because he asked me to be his girlfriend on his birthday, so it was very fitting. And to think this proposal almost didn’t happen. I learned he stored my ring in his checked bags, which became misplaced by our airline on our flight to FL to reach the cruise port. The ring barely made it onto the ship and I had no idea. Everything about this moment was picture perfect!

Special Thanks

Nagarajan Sundaramurthy
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring