Laura and Johnny

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How We Met

Johnny and I met over a year ago, at work. As I was humming a song he approached me and told me that he liked my humming. I was shocked! He asked me for my number and if I would go to have a coffee with him someday. At the time, I was working on myself, and that’s what I told him, that I would reach out to him once I figured out myself first, and so I did. A couple of months later I sent him a text message and we started talking!

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Laura and Johnny's Engagement in Home

During the most amazing year of my life we went to Jingle Ball (twice!), my hometown; Barcelona, an indoor water park, Universal (I am a Harry Potter fanatic!), Broadway, Toddler shows with my 2-year-old-son… But what convinced me that he was the one when he took care of me and my son when I had to have emergency spinal surgery. He was there when I went into the OR and was waiting for me when I came out. He slept all night in a chair next to my bed and requested vacation solely to take care of me.

how they asked

I had a feeling that he was going to propose in December. I thought he was going to propose at Jingle Ball 2017, since it had been our most significant date of 2016 and it’s become one of our “traditions.” We had other events in December, therefore I couldn’t really think of another “proposal” day, but he blew my mind once again! I was having an intimate birthday party the day after my birthday, on December 17th. I had only invited my closest friends and their significant others. As they were getting ready to leave, Johnny asked them if they could wait a second because he had something to show us.

He played a slideshow of our relationship with our favorite songs, videos and pictures. At the end of the montage, he played our favorite song, “A thousand years,” and got on one knee. I was so surprised that I dropped to the floor. I said YES once I could stop crying. I couldn’t have chosen a better best friend and life partner to spend the rest of my life with.