Laura and John

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How We Met

Laura and John both worked together during high school where John had his chance to talk and casually flirt with her. They went on a few dates and Laura had asked John to prom. Due to unfortunate circumstances, John wasn’t able to go with her. John left for college and they both had lost touch until they saw each other again a few years later at the state fair. John remembered how beautiful she still was and knew he had to talk to her. Shortly after, John and Laura were together again. :)

how they asked

John and Laura started seeing each other again back in August of 2013 and she would always tease John about how he never took her to Prom. Well that’s when John decided how he would propose. After a few months of planning, he told her that they should go on a lunch date. To her surprise, he took her to her own special prom (corsage and all) at Washington Park Botanical Rose Garden in Springfield, IL.

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After they had their first dance, John got down on one knee and proposed!

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She said yes!

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