Laura and Joe

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How We Met

It was two years ago on Christmas day when we both swiped right! He struck up a conversation and the talking continued for a few weeks until we finally met in person. The first time we met there was definitely something special between us. It was like we had known each other forever and we had the most amazing time over an intense miniature golf match, which I won by the way. Flash-forward to our third date where we made a day trip to Half Moon Bay, California and laid on a secluded beach at night looking up at the stars and listening to the waves crash against the sand at our feet. It was the most amazing night because I had never been so happy and so comfortable with someone in my entire life. Two months later we made a trip up to Lake Tahoe for a getaway weekend. He woke me up one morning before sunrise and took me on an adventure to Emerald Bay where we cuddled up with blankets on the rocks overlooking all of Lake Tahoe while the sun rose above the mountains. It was that moment that he told me he loved me and I knew that we would love each other forever.

how they asked

I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger online and I absolutely love getting to work with local photographers. One day I got this email from a photographer asking if we could do a photo shoot, so of course I said yes! Joe’s parents wanted a family picture of each of their kids so this photo shoot couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time! The photographer gladly accepted my request to have Joe join us to snap a few pictures for his parents. It was December 17, 2016 and it was finally photo shoot time! I had been waiting two months for this photo shoot and had an outfit picked out just for this. During the shoot, the photographer had me stand in front of Joe to get a few pictures but when I turned around there he was down on one knee. I couldn’t believe what was happening and was so shocked by seeing him that I froze. As my eyes started to tear up he told me, “From the first time we laid on the beach together looking up at the stars I knew that I could spend the rest of my life with you. You are my best friend and you have made me the happiest person in the world.” He asked me to marry him as he stuck out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen and of course I said YES!!

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To my surprise, Joe set up the whole photo shoot and the photographer was in on the whole thing! It was perfect and the most amazing experience of my life.

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