Laura and Jeremy

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How We Met

Well, it all started when I was on a first date with another guy! The date wasn’t going so well, and we didn’t really have any chemistry, but he offered for us to go to a nearby bar to sing karaoke. Even though I kind of wanted the date to end, I rarely refuse an opportunity to sing karaoke! So, I decided to go and sing and finish out our date. All of a sudden, a group of people walked into the bar. I could tell right away that they were there to party, have a good time and sing. They were all friends and seemed like they were a lot of fun. Shortly after, I asked one of the girls in the group to sing a duet with me. Thankfully, she agreed, and that’s the first time I noticed Jeremy! After the girl and I sang together, I returned to my date who was sitting at the bar. He was on my left and there happened to be a little space next to me on my right.

Within a few minutes, this handsome guy named Jeremy, with the most beautiful green eyes I’d ever seen, squeezed next to me to get a “drink at the bar.” At that moment, someone else was singing the iconic song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli. So, Jeremy (the guy with the beautiful green eyes) and I looked at each other and started to sing the song to one another! It was such an amazing moment! Later that night,after I spilled his whiskey, I Facebooked him, and we haven’t gone a day without talking since then. That was August 21, 2012. Two days later, we had our first date and our first kiss! I’d like to think that it was fate that we were both there in the same place at the same time, and to think that I wanted to end my date early that night! So, yes…I picked up my now fiance while I was on a date with another guy!

how they asked

So, our 4 year anniversary was coming up, and Jeremy seemed to want to make this one a big deal! We booked this fancy hotel in Downtown, NYC and also made reservations at this exquisite restaurant nearby. We were all dressed up for our romantic anniversary dinner, but he wanted to take a sunset walk on the High Line before we ate. We walked quite a while, when we came to a little grassy spot at 10th Avenue and 23rd Street. I stopped to rest my feet, since I was wearing heels for our night out. All of a sudden, I see this guy walking toward us playing a ukulele. I didn’t think anything of it at first because so many musicians play their instruments all around NYC. However, when the ukulele player started singing our song, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, which was the song that we were singing to each other the night we met in that bar, I knew right away what was happening and I burst into tears.

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I looked at Jeremy who was standing next to me, holding this GORGEOUS ring, and he said, “There’s so many things I want to say to you, but I think we’ve waited long enough…Will you marry me?” He got down on one knee and I immediately said, “Yes!!!”

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Everyone cheered and I gave him the biggest kiss! As if having the ukulele player there singing our song wasn’t enough, he also took it a step further and hired a professional photographer to capture the whole thing and to do an engagement shoot with us right afterward! It was absolutely perfect and everything I had ever wanted and more!

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Jeremy was able to hire the ukulele player and the photographer easily because he is the
Product Quality Manager and acting Product Manager at GigMasters, a company recently acquired by the XO Group which owns The Knot!

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Special Thanks

Carole Cohen
 | Photographer
Johnny Herbert
 | Ukulele Player/Singer
Joseph A. Conte
 | Jeweler