Laura and Jason

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how we met

Jason and I met through our mutual love of photography and being equal parts artsy and nerdy. Our first date was at the UBC TRIUMF particle physics lab for a photo tour. I’m talking serious nerd cred. I had been a wedding photographer for several years and Jason was a fine art photographer attending Emily Carr at the time. I asked him to shoot a wedding with me and we meshed so well, we started a wedding photography business (Two Peas Photography) not long after.

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how they asked

Fast forward to our engagement, Jason had it planned perfectly and I was totally surprised! He contacted Annie and Tom a few months before asking if they were up for the challenge and they were totally on board. Here’s the set up: Annie and Tom were going to pretend to be newly engaged and was contacting us to do their engagement photos. He set up a fake email address and pretended to be Annie and started a dialogue with me. It was scheduled on our 5-year anniversary (which we don’t celebrate so I didn’t think much of it). We started the shoot just as we always do, traveling from one location to another and getting to know each other. Once we got to the dock, Tom excused himself and I started getting some portraits of Annie.

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Jason asked for my camera (we often trade cameras through our shoots, so this wasn’t anything too unusual) and passed it off to Annie (this was VERY unusual!) From that point on everything happened so fast. Jason grabbed my hand and took me to the end of the dock, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Annie and Tom captured the whole thing. It was so perfect!

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