Laura and Jared

How We Met

I was a sophomore and Jared was a junior in Spanish 3 in high school. We had never spoken a word to each other. One night, I was out getting some pizza with my mom at the same place that Jared was eating with his now groomsman, Brian. I noticed Jared but never thought to say hello, especially since I was already a shy person. He walked by the table with Brian as they were leaving and I just kept eating my pizza.

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The next day in school, Jared totally surprised me when he approached me asking, “too cool to say hi yesterday?” I had never spoken to this kid, ever! Although I was caught off guard, I couldn’t help but admire his charm, especially when he asked to write my number on his hand with a pencil. The best part was when Jared later informed me that he told Brian I was in his class and I would definitely say to him when they walked by. Playing hard to get apparently works! Shortly after that, we spent our afternoons running out of text messages on our parents’ plans and spending hours instant messaging other and eventually going to the Froshmore dance.

how they asked

9 years later and here we are. I was just having a girl’s day with my mom and sister. We went to the gym and got our nails done (which I thought nothing of) while Jared was texting me asking me to come over. I kept brushing him off saying I was hanging out with the girls meanwhile they kept asking why I wasn’t hanging out with Jared! The whole time he had been texting my sister begging her to get me to come over.

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She really did try her best but I was not budging. Eventually, I agreed to go over there since his sister was up from Atlanta and we could go for a walk on the beach before dark and get some food since she misses New England so much.

We took some cool pictures as we walked down the beach. Then Jared asked me to check out the sand dunes. As we approached the dunes, he said, “hey, look what someone wrote.” I smiled as I read “marry me?” with rocks and shells and responded with “oh that’s nice.”

He then looked back at me and asked, “what if it was me?” He got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, and the water works began.

After enjoying some champagne with Jared’s sister, Tara, we had to rush home because our families were at the house ready to celebrate! It could not have been more perfect!