Laura and Jamie

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How We Met

For the first time in a long time, finding a relationship was far from being on my mind. I had decided to take some “me” time and travel. So, I quit my job, and became a full time travel nurse, where I would relocate to a new hospital around the nation every three months. On one of my last nights in Austin, TX, a few of my co-workers took me out for a farewell drink. We ended up at this cute little dive bar called The Black Sheep. A few Moscow Mules in, we decided to play a harmless bet, that whoever could make the most eye contact with a guy and potentially get him over to talk to us, won. When Jamie and his best guy walked in, my heart might have stopped for a few seconds. “Oh my gosh, the hottest man just walked in!” I whispered to my friends. I wasn’t even playing the bet anymore, I just couldn’t look away from him. Creepy right?

OK, so after about ten minutes of me starring at him over and over, he finally awkwardly waved at me. Well, I had won the bet, Jamie and I were exchanging numbers and telling our life stories within minutes of him sitting down with us. That’s when I learned he lived in Arkansas ( which I may have told everyone that night Arizona) I was a few weeks into my first travel assignment when Jamie and I decided to meet up for the first time. We met half way and spent the weekend together. SUPER AWKWARD when you hardly even know each other. The second time we met up, I knew then, I would love this man one day. Most of our nights together included eating at Whole foods for dinner, cupcakes in bed and time spent at the rock climbing gym. That’s when we both knew this just might just work. Our third date we decided to take a trip to Chattanooga, TN, for a quick Rock Climbing adventure. It was perfect, romantic, adventurous and everything I had been missing in my life.

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As my first assignment came to a close, and we had still only met three times, I remember the day I asked “How would you feel if I took a travel assignment in Arkansas?” I had never put myself out there more. Not even ten minutes later he replied “I would like that very much.” He came down to Austin one last time to meet my parents before I moved to Arkansas and by our 5th date I was living in the small eclectic town of Fayetteville, AR, camping, hiking, and climbing with the love of my life. Talk about things escalating quickly right? Everything felt very right and even though I only made it on one travel assignment it was worth it in every way to meet Jamie.

After about a year and a half of dating, Jamie made it official and asked me to spend the rest of my life loving him.

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how they asked

About a month prior to Jamie proposing, he contacted my best friend since 8th grades husband and asked if they wanted to go on a ski trip to the mountains. Of course they were in and a few weeks later we were on our way to Taos, New Mexico for a much needed vacation. We learned very quickly there that we are indeed, not skiers nor snowboarders, as I definitely had to ride in the courtesy sled down the mountain after my first run gone bad. Talk about embarrassing for our much needed vacation! We both laughed it off together and decided that the next time we would obviously take lessons for 3 weeks straight or just stick to taking photos. It’s much safer.. We spent most of our days exploring the city and crying over how hot the green chilies actually were.

On our second to last day there, (New Years EVE) we promised our friends a 5 year wedding anniversary photoshoot, so we decided to drive up into the mountains for sunrise photos. Jamie is a photographer, and has for the last year been teaching me how to shoot as well. I decided to take on this shoot and have Jamie as a second shooter. After our frigid shoot came to an end, Jamie had the tripod set up so we could get a group photo together, since we hadn’t had one group photo the entire trip. After our friends walked out of the photo, Jamie grabbed my hand before I could walk off, turned me towards him and whispered to me ” I want to love you forever.”

He had set the camera to take photos every 3 seconds to capture the entire proposal. He got down on one knee and said the most beautiful meaningful words to me. I’ve never felt more loved in my entire life. Of course cool, calm, collective Jamie was fine while I was crying like a baby. I Said YES, about a million times. It was so meaningful to me to have my lifelong friends there, and to have every moment captured on camera so we can relive those moments any time.

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After, we drove to a local brunch spot had a wonderful breakfast and called our families and friends to let them know the good news! Jamie had even made reservations for us to have a 5 course New Years Eve meal at one of the best restaurants in Taos. We didn’t quite make it to midnight, but I woke up in 2017 the happiest woman in the world.

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