Laura and Jake

How We Met

Jake: Laura and I met in our first year of university where we were both studying to be journalists, we were competitive and didn’t seem to get along very well at first – I’m convinced the brainwaves for love and hate were crossed. But by our second year of studies, and a whole lot of fate that saw us in every single class together, our happily ever after began. We are inseparable, we have the same passions and desires, we finish each other’s sentences and even work for the same company. Laura truly is my other half, my better half.

Laura: Our love story began in 2013 when Jake and I met at university. Jake couldn’t keep his eyes off me in class and I would always catch him looking at me. He will tell you otherwise and that I was the one always looking- but I promise, it was definitely him! Jake was too shy to speak to me in class, but a few months later I received a message on Facebook from Jake, “I finally found you,” he said. Jake spent the rest of the year going to great lengths to impress me, and eventually got the courage to talk to me again! The following year we were matched up in every class, I couldn’t believe it and on March 6, 2014, we had lunch together in the grass on the grounds of uni and we realized it was meant to be. I truly believed it was fate, I couldn’t get enough of him. We let fate work its magic and we have been inseparable ever since. I have found my prince charming and he has swept me off my feet every day since.

how they asked

Jake: Twelve months before the day I asked her to marry me, Laura and I celebrated three years together with a sunset dinner at the Halekulani Hotel, overlooking the beautiful beach of Waikiki. You could say I was already scouting the perfect location, but Laura had no idea the scheming that was running through my mind following that night. A few short months later the incredible work of Hawaiian wedding photographer Joseph Esser caught Laura’s eye, and I was determined that he capture our moment in eternity at our home away from home. Our four year anniversary was quickly approaching, I had her dream ring and the photographer was booked in, but I was determined to find the perfect location to ask my princess to continue our fairytale for the rest our lives. Laura was absolutely determined that we wait until summer to soak up the Hawaiian sun, but little did she know the engagement of a lifetime was secretly being planned in the background. Memories of dinner at the Halekulani Hotel restaurant Orchids flashed back to me, and I knew this was where I needed to ask Laura to marry me.

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The tickets were booked and on March 5 we touched down in the beautiful Oahu, Laura’s mind was racing with ideas of how we would spend our days by the pool, but mine was fixed on making our anniversary, the day I was going to ask her to marry me, one she would never forget. I told Laura we would be celebrating our anniversary with a special dinner at our favorite dining spot. But when we arrived at Orchids, photographer Joseph Esser was waiting to begin our couples shoot on the beach. Safe to say, Laura was shocked. We laughed and posed for photos on the beach, kicked our feet in the sand and at the end of the shoot walked through the empty restaurant to the lawn overlooking Diamond Head and Waikiki. Rose petals and champagne were waiting on a table off in the distance, but I led Laura to the lawn and asked her: “Do you know what is about to happen?” “From the very first moment I laid eyes on you, I knew, somehow that we were meant to be together,” I said. “I knew you were my princess from day one, and today I want to ask if our fairytale can continue for a lifetime. “Will you marry me?” Laura was stunned, tears running down her cheeks – utterly speechless. As champagne corks were popped in our own little private oasis, we sat down and laughed long into the night, celebrating the beginning of the rest of our lives.

Laura and Jake's Engagement in Honolulu, Hawaii

Laura: We were celebrating our four year anniversary in beautiful Honolulu and Jake told me we would be going to dinner to celebrate but had to leave the hotel by 3 pm. You could say I was slightly suspicious, so I slipped on my favorite red dress and we were on our way. We arrived at the Halekulani Hotel, to be greeted by a photographer who Jake recruited for a surprise photo shoot. I was shocked and so very glad I had my red dress on for the surprise shoot! Jake took my hand and led me to the beach where we took some stunning photos to add to our collection of memories. Jake and I love having photos together, and it wasn’t the first time we had a photoshoot done so I didn’t get my hopes up thinking a big ring would be waiting for me at the end. But still, a girl can dream. But, the photo shoot wrapped up and we made our way back to the hotel before the photographer mentioned a few more photo spots around the hotel.

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The guys very sneakily entered the hotel’s restaurant asking if they could use the space, but little did I know the restaurant was empty just for us. I was completely oblivious to the rose petals, I actually thought they were for someone else. Jake took my hand and led me into the garden. He said ‘do you know what is about to happen’, before dropping down on one knee. Jake looked into my eyes and told me the sweetest thing I had ever heard. I instantly started jumping up and down and squealing, realizing what was about to happen. Then, he opened up the box and I saw the most beautiful ring of my dreams. That’s when it hit me, the love of my life wants to spend forever with me. I started bawling my eyes out. I couldn’t get any words out, I was in complete shock and in awe of the moment. After the tears and the giggling of excitement, Jake slipped the ring on my finger, I still hadn’t managed to get the words YES out! We shed a tear and a laugh together and said cheers to our happily ever after. I couldn’t believe I had been dreaming up this moment since the day we first fell in love and it was more perfect than I ever imagined.

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