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Jack and I were in NYC to visit with a specialist for the pain he was having in his back. The day of his appointment happened to be my 24th birthday (which he later used as a great cover). I found him acting slightly “off” all day but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly how. He would speak privately to the concierge, text with his phone to the side, and would continually apologize that I had to spend my birthday with him at the hospital. Later on that night Jack and I were sitting watching TV and I just couldn’t take it anymore so I texted my sister… “Can I be honest? I don’t know why but Jack is acting weird and for some reason I built up a scenario in my head where he would propose today or tomorrow. I know you two discussed plans for it to be in January but can just you tell me for sure so I can put my mind at ease?” Of course, she lied! “He’s probably just acting weird because of your birthday. I’m sorry but planning a proposal takes a while.

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It’ll be after your trip to Necker but that’s all I’m willing to divulge.” I knew she of all people wouldn’t lie to me, or so I thought! Shortly after messaging her I confessed to Jack about my ridiculous scenario even though he’d assured me it wouldn’t happen for a few months. I felt silly but hearing him tell me it wouldn’t be for a few months put my mind at ease. I suppose it helped me focus on other things. I finally relaxed and just enjoyed NYC after that convo. The next morning, Jack told me he was “making it up to me” for my birthday and to be dressed and ready by 2:30. He left to work out and I immediately called my friends Paige and Morgan filling them in on the happenings of the night before and telling them of the day to come as I thought Jack was simply just taking me to a nice dinner. I then called my mom and sister but oddly, neither answered. Jack came back and put on his new outfit purchase. I thought he looked so handsome.

I brought my camera because though I didn’t know exactly what we were doing, I knew we looked cute and I wanted some photos, lol. As we began walking outside he told me we would be getting on a horse and carriage ride, which is one of my favorite things to do together. It was bitterly cold but hand in hand, we strolled through Central Park searching for the meeting point. On our walk, I reminded him that ironically, it had almost been exactly one year since our first horse and carriage ride in Dallas. I then pointed out that some of the best movies were filmed in the very spot we were walking. He grabbed my hand and said, “Wait, we should stop here for a quick photo.” I thought it was random, but if you know me you know I’ll do anything for a photo! I quickly grabbed the camera out of my bag and suddenly he took it and set it back down so he could grab my other hand. “Laura, you know I love you with all of my heart and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I looked at him and smiled as he leads me toward the center of Central Park. I started laughing “What are you doing?”, thinking he was kidding.

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After the conversation, we had the night before I thought there was no way he was serious. He continued with his speech and I still wasn’t sure, not until I saw our beautiful photographer Lauren did I know that this was the real deal! That was the last moment I remember, haha. The rest is a blur of pure happiness. It is so crazy that the moment I looked forward to for as long as I can remember could pass so quickly, yet so magically. Every second from that point on felt like we were on top of the world! We took more photos with our photographer, Lauren, and videographer Dushawn.

Laura's Proposal in Central Park, New York

We were blissfully unaware of anything occurring around us. “Fiancé”, we probably said a million times that day. We finally took the horse and carriage ride, freezing but so in love, sharing special moments with our friends and families as we FaceTimed them. Jack took me to dinner where we warmed up while sitting at the table. He told me had to go to the bathroom so I picked up my phone and when I looked up, my mom, dad, and sister were right there! I was SO surprised! It had already been the best day of my life, but that moment took my happiness to a level that I didn’t know was possible. Getting to share that with my family meant the world to me.

The next morning we took off to the British Virgin Islands where we were able to celebrate with everyone on Necker Island. I am still recovering from the most incredible week. Just typing this alone puts a smile on my face. Anyway, I AM THE FUTURE MRS. SOCK AND HERE IS HOW HE ASKED!!!

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