Laura and Gavin

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How We Met

Gavin and I met in 2015 at the Gurnee Park District. I had just finished my first year of college at CLC a community college in our area and Gavin had just graduated high school. Luckly we both decided to get the same summer job. We were camp counselors in the same camp (adventure 2/3). We did not talk much that year but we were still familar with each other and he always made me laugh. For two years we went our own ways back to school and did not talk then came back to camp each summer. He went to the university of Kentucky and I was still attending CLC. At this time we were both dating other people so we weren’t trying to persue each other. After 2/3 we weren’t in the same camp again until 2017 where we both ended up in adventure 4/5. I was the site director and Gavin was a counselor. Yes, that means I was his boss. This summer will always be so special to me. This was the summer Gavin and I really got to know each other and become friends. We talked about relationships, played a silly game of camp counselor bachelor, and always found conversation. This was the summer I realize that Gavin was a special guy one that you do not always come across. We went back to school and didn’t talk again. In March I asked gavin if he was coming back to camp. (secretly hoping he would say yes and be in my camp ;)) He said he wasn’t sure but he might be. That year Gavin came back to camp. I was site director for adventure 4/5 and he was in teen camp at the tent right next door. For the first week of camp I couldn’t stop thinking and talking about Gavin. Finally, after many of my counselor friends convienced me, I decided to text Gavin. We had great conversations and constantly were snap chatting. At one point I asked Gavin to take me to the movies. Although he thought it was a joke I was dying to get him to go on a date with me. That summer we went on his boat with friends many times and had a lot of social outings. One day after a very hard day at camp Gavin surprised me at Chuck E. Cheese where I was babysitting. He decided to give up his night to hangout with me while I worked instead of doing something fun. From that point on I knew he would always be there whenever I needed him. After babysitting we got ice cream and sat in the car and just talked. It was the best time I had ever had getting ice cream. He mad me feel so comfortable and it was so easy. On July 16th Gavin asked me to be his girlfriend right before leaving on a two week trip to Hawaii. I know what you are thinking… he asked her and then ditched her?!? (rude I know) But we talked all the time. For one year Gavin and I did long distance. The hardest year ever I may add, but so worth it. I went to Kentucky a lot and he came home a lot. Since being home Gavin and I have built a relationship full of love, laughter, and trust. There is no one else I could see myself with and no one who makes me laugh harder than Gavin.

How They Asked

In the beginning of the week Gavin asked me to go on a picnic. Mind you October in Illinois is not the warmest month. I thought he was crazy but he insisted we go. I truly thought it was a joke and maybe to make me think that something was going to happen to trick me. All week I was asking about this picnic and poking fun at it. I didn’t think we were really going to go. I asked what we would eat and he never really said. We have been on picnics before but we always picked up take out. So I was intriged by this picnic idea. All week he gave me no ideas as to where or what we would be eating just that there would be a picnic. On Friday October 16th, our 2 year and 3 month aniversary, Gavin was running around all day. He was running errands and doing all kinds of stuff. I thought it was super weird. Gavin then told me to be ready by 5pm because he was coming to pick me up. I came home from work and got ready. I was still super confused because it was drizzling and like 40 degrees but this kid still wanted to have a picnic. 5pm came and Gavin was ready to pick me up. I get in the car and he has nothing. Confused again I ask 50 million questions, he said not to worry about it. We get to independence grove where we always have our picnics and we get out. Gavin pulls out a table, basket, and blanket. I was beyond impressed. Then he picked a spot on top of a hill where we could see all the trees turning color and the pond they have there. Gavin then became Mary Poppins pulling stuff out of his basket left and right. Sandwhiches, chesse, sausage, wine, candles, decoratations, chocoalte covered strawberries. He had it all. We sat and ate and talked and then he pulled one more thing out of his basket…. a red box. Then Gavin got down on one knee and asked me to stand up. Right there on that hill at independence grove Gavin asked me to be with him forever. I said the easiest YES of my life and the rest was history.

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