Laura and Eli

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How We Met

Eli and I met in middle school but things didn’t get serious until high school! I knew the moment I talked to him in middle school art class that there was something about him. After a long-awaited three years, we finally started dating our junior year of high school, which was the best timing! We were able to create such a special friendship and really get to know each other before we took that next step of dating.

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Eli and I both went to UNC Charlotte which made dating through college a little easier – I mean, it still came with its challenges, as that is such a huge transition! We never left each other’s side, and we truly are each other’s biggest supporters (besides our loving parents of course)! Growing and being able to go through major life experiences together only made our love for each other stronger!

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how they asked

Laura’s side: Eli graduated college in May and I had just graduated nursing school and our families were planning a celebratory trip to Mexico. Everything led me to believe that the proposal was going to happen there, surrounded by our family! I mean after dating for 6 years and being in each other’s lives for 10, I was hoping that it would happen soon. The day of, Eli and I went to lunch and ran some errands – nothing out of the ordinary. When we got back home he said he was going to take me on a “sunset cruise” on his job boat. Considering I had only been on his boat one other time I was pretty excited and didn’t think anything of it! We headed out on the water and the sunset was breathtaking. We are coming up to this rocky area where we were going to anchor the boat, sit on the rocks, and watch the sunset.

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So we climb up on these rocks (I still am clueless as to what is about to go down). Eli starts telling me all these sweet things – again nothing to make me think something is going on – then he said something along the line of “You know I want to marry you and spend the rest of our life together, right?” As I looked at him with a confused look and tears in my eyes he started saying the sweetest words that ended with “Will you marry me?” The only thing I could think to say was “DUH!!!” It was truly such a magical moment, and Eli actually surprised me – I had NO idea this was going to happen!

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After he popped the question, we climbed up this trail that led to a little set up with sparkling cider and letters from his sister! Oh and not to mention one of my closest friends was photographing the WHOLE thing! Once we finished up at “THE spot” we headed home to tell our families, when SURPRISE AGAIN – our whole family and closest friends were waiting for us to celebrate the rest of the night! All I can remember is the love I felt that night and crying… a lot! I am so excited to start this next chapter with my best friend by my side!

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Eli’s Side: Ever since high school I knew Laura would be the woman I’d marry, and so did everyone else! Her bubbly personality and corny jokes are what drew me in, but her loving heart and ability to put others before herself really impressed me! After spending four years in college together, I knew I wanted to ask Laura to be my wife after she graduated, ensuring that she was able to focus on nursing school. A month prior to proposing, I was still struggling with how I was going to “pop the question!” I had years to figure this out but didn’t settle on the idea of proposing on the rocks until the week before.

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With the help of family and friends, I was able to take Laura out on Mountain Island Lake, the lake we both spent countless hours on, and completely catch her off guard. With the pure grace of God, I was able to scale a rock that was surrounded by water and successfully plant that ring on her finger! Laura and I were so happy that the day had finally come, and we both are excited about the wedding planning to come!

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