Laura and David

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How We Met

David and I met when we were two years old at Adventureland Preschool. We were the best of friends. Fast forward through elementary and middle school to high school. I started attending Beltline Church of Christ during our sophomore year of high school. Our friendship was rekindled and we remained friends throughout high school and college. It wasn’t until fate brought us both back home that we began dating in February of 2013.

how they asked

May 28th started out like any other Memorial Day weekend. David, Ella (my 4 year old daughter) and I piled into the car around 6:30 a.m. to go to the Alabama Jubilee balloon races. Unfortunately, when we arrived, we discovered that the race had been canceled due to inclement weather. So, we decided to meet David’s family at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. My best friend Meagan met us there, too. Breakfast took forever and David assures me that he was on pins and needles the entire morning, even though I hadn’t noticed anything was wrong at all. After breakfast, Meagan whisked me away to Kroger to look at bridesmaid bouquets. I am her maid of honor on June 25th and she wanted my opinion on flowers, or so I thought.

We pulled in to the Kroger parking lot and she takes a slight turn to the right and says, “So, we aren’t actually going to look at flowers.” I ask her what we are doing as she parks in the parking lot of OMG Nails. She looks at me and hands me an envelope. Inside is a note from David telling me how he hopes this is the day I’ve been dreaming of, how much he loves me, and that he can’t wait to se me soon. At this point, I know exactly what is happening, and I am tears. After a few minutes of freaking out, Meagan and I head inside. As soon as I walk in the door, I am greeted by my sister, Katie, and my lifelong best friend, Caroline, who came all the way from Texas! The four of us got our nails done together (thanks David!), and they waited patiently while I got a pedicure. After our nails are finished, we go outside and I get another note from David.

This one tells me to go shopping and pick out anything I want to wear, and more if I want, but to be ready by 1:45 for my next note! So, the four of us head to Old Navy, Target, and Kohl’s to find exactly what I want to wear. When we are done shopping, we hop in the car and I get my next note. It’s telling me how beautiful I’m going to look and to head over to see Brent to get my hair done and that my ride will pick me up at 2:45. When we get to Brent’s, David has delivered Chick-fil-A sandwiches for all of us to eat. I’m telling you, he thought of everything! After my hair is finished, we go to Belk to get my make up done before we head to my apartment to get dressed.

Around 3:15, I hear a knock on my apartment door. I walk out of my room to see another dear friend, Cara, and her husband, Charles, standing in my living room! After Cara and I have a few moments of jumping and squealing, we head downstairs to go to my final destination. When Charles opens my car door for me, I see my laptop sitting on my seat with a note that says “Watch Me.” On the laptop is a 13 minute video of pictures of us from the last 3 years. It was absolutely perfect and a good distraction from all the nerves I was having!

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When the video is over, and the car is parked, I step out and see rose petals on the ground. I was so nervous that it didn’t even register that they were leading me to David. I remember looking at Cara and saying, “Where do I go?” So, I follow the trail of petals over a red bridge and on the other side I see David. I tried to stay calm, but ended up running the rest of the way to him! We talked for a moment, and I don’t even remember everything he was saying. He got down on one knee and I don’t even remember saying yes, but there’s video proof of me at least nodding my head! After he stands up we talk for a minute before heading back over the bridge to see my sister, Cara, Charles, and Charles’ mother, Sherry who had been lurking in the bushes! Cara takes a few engagement pictures right then which was so fun! We were still so happy and in the moment!

After our photo session, I say that I’m ready to go see my parents and call my grandparents. So, we get in David’s truck and start heading that way. About halfway there, David hands me a box and inside there are 100 reasons why he loves me all written out on notecards. I’m looking down reading them and talking about how mushy they are when I feel the truck park. I look up and we are at church and the parking lot is full of cars of all our people. We head inside to a surprise engagement party!

David made that day out to be a fairy tale. He had my daughter, Ella, taken care of all day. So, for that entire day, I wasn’t a mom. I wasn’t a single mom. I wasn’t a broke, college student, single mom. I was a girlfriend. I was taken care of. I was pampered and spoiled for the first time in my life. It was all about me, and him, and the beginning of the rest of our lives.

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