Laura and Daniel

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How We Met

Danny and I met via Facebook 7 years ago. We both grew up in Brooklyn, NY. I knew his brother from mutual friends and hanging out in the neighborhood, so he wasn’t a complete stranger. One day I left a comment on Danny’s page by accident thinking he was someone else (this was the best mistake I ever made LOL).

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As we continued to chat, I realized that I knew his brother and we decided to hang out with no expectations of where we would end up. Several months later at a party for New Years Eve, we celebrated with a group of friends and that night at 12:00 on the dot, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

7 years later, we have acquired such an amazing friendship and love for each other.. I knew for quite some time that this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. The week of our 7 year anniversary which falls on New Years Eve/Day, he was surprising me with a weekend getaway. He had requested I take a day off from work the following week and told me that we were going on a ski trip. At this point, I was hopeful for an engagement but remained confident that when he was ready, he would pop the question and this was going to be in the near future, just not now. We go on annual ski trips every year Upstate, NY or Pennsylvania so to my knowledge, this was the norm. In addition, we had dinner plans Friday in Manhattan, the day before we left for our “mini vacation”. Approaching the weekend, Danny asked me if it would be okay to stop in downtown Brooklyn as a detour for his friend’s birthday from work. Of course, I agreed to stop by for a drink then proceed to dinner.That Friday, after a full normal work day, I came home to relax and get ready for our dinner date. We arrived downtown, we parked in the parking lot and made our way up to the 1 Hotel Lounge to meet his friends.

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We arrived as we both checked our coats I’m scanning the lounge to prepare myself to meet people that I don’t particularly know. As we begin walking through the lounge, we reach the back and I see both of our families and all of my closest friends! My stomach dropped as I realized it wasn’t my birthday, why else would everyone be gathered? With the beautiful night sky of NYC behind us, Danny turned to me, got down on one knee and asked me to Marry him. I of course said yes, several times. Oh, and that ski trip – scratch that. He planned a whole entire surprise trip to Orlando, Florida – Universal Studios for the next four days! He went above and beyond, more than I could’ve hoped for or imagined.. AND I GET TO MARRY THIS MAN?! Lucky is an understatement.

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