Laura and Craig

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How We Met

My name is Laura Ashley and I am from Pittsboro, NC and my fiance’ is Craig Wilson from Ramseur, NC. We met 8 years ago when Craig was delivering oxygen to my grandmother. My Grandma would show pictures of me to him and tell him about me and then when I would go visit her she would tell me about Craig! My parents said I should see if I could find him on Facebook; so I did. I found his profile but I was unsure if it was his because I didn’t know what Craig looked like. So I reached out and sent him a message just saying, “Hey Craig, my name is Laura and you deliver oxygen to my Grandma Dorothy and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for being so kind to her.

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She talks a lot about you!” Craig responded to me very sweetly that he just loved my Grandma. We went on our first date June 2nd, 2010 to Haley Bales Steakhouse in Siler City, NC. It was such a great night as we sat and talked and then we went and picked up a movie to watch. We are sad that my Grandma passed 3 years ago but before she passed her and I talked about my relationship. She told me loved Craig and that she was happy that he came into my life and that I found my one true love.

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how they asked

Flash forward to 7 years later to the night of Tuesday, June 6th, 2017. I went to Craig’s sister’s house after I just left having dinner with my girlfriends. When I was in the middle of texting them that I made it there Craig tells me we need to go check on cows. When we were about to leave his sister’s house he asks me to leave my phone because we would be right back, so I left my phone. So we ventured out to the barn in the pitch dark and as Craig goes ahead of me I trip over an electric fence, luckily I did not get shocked or fall. Craig tells me the cows are good and not in the barn.

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Just as we are going to head out and leave, he suggests we check out the barn loft. He said Mel and Chad (his sister and brother in law) had cleaned it out and looked pretty cool up there and we should check it out. As Craig goes up the ladder I proceed behind him. I was in a dress so I had to hike it up over me, luckily I was wearing leggings underneath, and headed up the ladder. As we get to the top I ask Craig for his phone so I could see. And if anyone knows Craig he tells me his phone is dead, typical. I tell him I should have brought my phone, haha. He says there is a light switch and to turn it on.

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So here I am searching for this light switch and I can hear the electric box ticking and I’m praying Dear Lord please don’t let me get shocked. I turn on the switch I see a strand of white Christmas lights above me and I think to myself why are these in here. As I turn around I see Craig down on one knee and asks me to marry him next to sunflowers (which are my absolute favorite) on top of hay bales, a handmade shadowbox that is lit up and says Marry Me, white lights are strung all in the top of the barn and a beautiful handmade blue and clear mason jar chandelier! I immediately said Yes and we seal a kiss under the chandelier! After a few minutes, I realize this is really happening, I am flooded with tears. Craig then asks me if I even said yes! I tell him, of course, I said yes, you know you can’t hear! Everything was so perfect and I can’t wait to marry the love of my life, my best friend! We are getting married in the fall on Sunday, October 28th, 2018!


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Thank you so much for reading and we hope you have enjoyed our story!

Thank you and have a blessed day,
Laura Ashley

Special Thanks

Melany and Chad Carmac
 | It was their barn and they cleaned it out for the proposal.
Soence Albright
 | Craig told his friend Spence of what he was gonna do for the proposal but needed Spence's help to create his vision. He also helped set up the barn with Craig.