Laura and Collin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Buckingham Fountain, Chicago, Illinois

How We Met

Collin and I met in the summer of 2017. After some persistent pursuit, we quickly became best friends and started dating end of that year!

How They Asked

We had talked about getting married and eventually attended a pre-marital class at our church during their spring session so I had a feeling Collin was going to pop the question soon but was unsure when he actually would do it. I wanted it to be a surprise but my goodness was it hard not to guess every time we went out on a date!

Collin’s best friend was getting married in Chicago in June and I figured he would not want to take the ring with him because of security and the chance of it getting lost or stolen so I was POSITIVE it would not be happening while we were there visiting. I didn’t even know if he had the ring at that point because I never went ring shopping with him… I was clueless! Smart guy.

The wedding was a blast and Collin was the most handsome best man ever (I’m totally not biased). I ended up catching the bouquet and all my friends laughed when I did. I had no idea why they all thought it was so funny… but it makes sense now. Good on them for keeping things a secret.

Our trip was coming to the end but we all decided we wanted to go to downtown Chicago the next day after the wedding since we hadn’t had a chance to visit there yet. Collin and I walked around for a bit with his brother and mom and we then met up with our friends to see Willis (Sears) Tower. Afterward, Collin really wanted to see the Buckingham Fountain take some photos and videos there so we split off from our friends to go check it out. I, of course, obliged because I love taking videos and photos! I was taking small clips throughout the trip so I could compile it into a short video when we got back to California.

Laura and Collin's Engagement in Buckingham Fountain, Chicago, Illinois

I got my settings on my camera already and Collin said to put it on video mode so we could take some silly clips together. After we did some fun poses, I asked him if I should go switch the camera from video to photo mode but he told me to wait and he put his hand behind his back, got down on one knee and he asked me to MARRY HIM!!! AHHH!!! I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! It was such a special moment because it was shared between the two of us but we had a video that we could share with all of our friends and family so we can look back on the day forever!

I was honestly completely surprised and the moment felt so surreal. We celebrated with Chicago style deep dish pizza but it was hard to eat because my cheeks were hurting from smiling so much.

It makes me so giddy thinking about it. Collin is a man that I have dreamed about and prayed for and my heart is bursting at the seams. I am in awe and overjoyed with gratitude. We are so excited to get MARRIED!!!

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