We decided to give our parents a portrait for Christmas this year. Chris contacted my mom since she is a professional photographer and he planned the whole thing out at Lake Martin. He was really interested in getting the look of the painting “American Gothic.” You know, the farmer, his wife and the pitchfork. Well, Millie our lab was our pitchfork! It was fun capturing it all.
As we finished the shoot he slowly turned to me, looked at me and hit a knee! The words Chris spoke literally took my breath away!
In a time where social media is prevalent, No one else knew. I think that was so special as well. Not a friend, not a buddy, not a co-worker. . . No one was told. He kept it a secret except for our immediate family. Our families surprised us after with champagne at Maison Madeleines within the Jesus bar.
So uniquely special to be within a nature walk then greeted with family at Maison Madeleine’s! No place quite like it. A magical place.