Laura and Bryan

how we met

We met in San Francisco through a mutual friend! Initially we were just friends and actually moved in together as roommates with two others. As we got to know each other even better we realized that we had an emotional connection that went way beyond just a friendship. Bryan elected to move out and we’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

The proposal was a complete surprise! Bryan planted a story about a client of his who also had a French Bulldog and wanted to have a play date. He even went so far as to change his friends name in his phone to the clients name and have “her” text him about timing to keep me from being too suspicious. He walked me out to Crissy Fields, which was close to our apartment, under the guise that we were meeting for the frenchie play date. When we got to the beach, I quickly realized that there was no client in sight and something else was going on. Next thing I know, he dropped down on one knee and proposed! Also unknown to me, our awesome photographer Paulina was hiding in the trees and popped out to take some amazing shots of the proposal and a mini photo shoot with our puppy Drake to follow. After we were done, I was begging to FaceTime our families but he insisted we wait until we get home. When we walked into our apartment, all of our friends and family were waiting for yet another surprise! They had decorated the apartment and had champagne ready to go. I think it will forever be one of the best days of our life.

Special Thanks

Crissy Field
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