Laura and Brody

How We Met

Brody and I were introduced by our mutual friend (my MOH) Marissa. Marissa is by best friend and has been Brody’s best “girl” friend since high school. Since the night Marissa brought me to Brody’s house, our relationship took off! At the time, he was living in Ann Arbor and I was living in Marquette. Although we both had reservations about long distance relationships, neither of us could hide that we wanted to give this a shot. After one year of making a distance relationship work, I finally moved down to Ann Arbor. From the time I started living just three apartment buildings down from Brody, it just confirmed that both of us knew we were “meant to be”. We were even more inseparable. From the beginning, we just clicked.

After we both graduated, Brody accepted a job in Cooperstown NY and I knew I would not be happy if I did not try to come out here with Brody. Since moving out here, it was apparent our relationship was just being made stronger. It was around September that Brody and I had started talking about wanting to spend the rest of our lives together and the next steps. Brody knew everything I wanted in an engagement ring. Since Brody knew the only place I wanted ring from was Erickson Jewelers, I knew a proposal wouldn’t happen until after we went home for a little while.

How They Asked

Brody had to return to NY for Christmas and I stayed in our hometown, Iron Mountain until after Christmas. My original flight home was delayed a day and when I called to tell Brody he seemed way more upset that he usually would be. The next day when I got home it was 1:30 in the morning and Brody wanted me to open Christmas gifts from him desperately but I just didn’t have the energy. The next day when he picked me up from work, he was wearing khakis and a nice shirt (Brody never wears this for fun) so I was onto something. When we got home and started opening gifts in the living room, he moved the entire space around. After opening all the gifts, there was no engagement ring like I thought there would be. Then came the stocking! First, I opened a blue jewelry box and I immediately started shaking. When I opened it, Brody said “I know you’ve been wanted a certain piece of jewelry lately from Ericksons” and it was a necklace. I was so upset. He knew it. After opening this necklace, I noticed there was another jewelry box so I opened it – Inside was a ring box and I looked at Brody who was on one knee. I just had the biggest smile on my face that wouldn’t come off. Brody could only say “will you” (too nervous to say the entire line) and I could only smile and say of course. It was by far the happiest day of my life to this point. And the ring was perfect!

Special Thanks

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