Laura and Brian

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New Hampshire's Ice Castles

How We Met

Brian and I met during our first few weeks of law school. We were at a bar with a bunch of other first year law students getting to know each other. I was chatting with small group when I heard someone in a group behind me mention the Wu-Tang Clan. I turned around and there was Brian, talking about his love for old school hip-hop. I chimed in with my favorite album and we became instant BFFs. We couldn’t see each other on campus or at bars without stopping to talk to each other, getting stuck for hours sometimes. Eventually we got to a point where I would leave campus and, like clockwork, Brian would text me before I was half way home. We fell in love while working in the law school clinics. We spent hours carpooling to and from client meetings with other student attorneys and often stayed in the office into the late hours.

After one long day of client visits, we got back into my car to drive back to Boston and just sat for a few moments, exhausted and brain dead. Even in perfect silence, both thought to ourselves how we wished we could sit together and hang out forever. We didn’t know the other remembered this day until a few months into us being “official.” Eventually, I got tired of pretending he was just my BFF, so I got my best gal pals on the phone, braced myself for total rejection and awkwardness, went to his house, and told him how I felt on his front porch. And now we’re going to live happily ever after. :)

how they asked

We went away for the weekend to New Hampshire with Brian’s best friends. We spent the day Saturday snow tubing and eating cheap pizza. Once we got into the Ice Castles, I was in awe of how beautiful everything was and wanted to explore. Brian uncharacteristically wanted to take a picture REALLY bad, but I wasn’t as enthusiastic because I was wearing workout closed and stuffed with greasy food. He wouldn’t let up, so I agreed to stop so we could move on.

Right as I was about to ask why all six of his friends had their phones out, he got down on one knee and grabbed my hand. I was so speechless he had to ask “Can I get an answer?!” so the dozens of people around us didn’t think I was rejecting him.

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