Laura and Braden

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Mammoth Mountain, CA

How We Met

When we met, I wasn’t looking to date anyone. In fact, my parents asked me to please stay single the rest of my senior year of college, so I could graduate and go and do whatever I wanted without any attachments. Of course, just a few months later I met Braden and was instantly over the moon about him. We both felt this instant connection, even though I was graduating soon and he was (and is) two years younger than me.

Fast forward to 5 years later, and we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Braden completes me in so many ways I didn’t know I needed: he makes me laugh when I’m upset and think nothing can cheer me up, he keeps me calm and centered when I get stressed, he’s so kind and thoughtful and always makes sure I’m happy and taken care of. I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. We’ve gone through so much together already, between me being graduated for two years while he was still in school, the uncertainty of graduation, moving across the country to Nashville, his journey to grad school to get his doctorate, me buying my first house… and yet throughout it all we’ve just grown stronger. I feel so grateful to God that he brought Braden into my life, even though the timing wasn’t what either of us expected.

How They Asked

We knew we wanted to get married for a while, but both felt the weight of that commitment and wanted to wait until we were both truly ready. We looked at rings together once a few months before and then left it at that (with me trying to stay casual as we hit holidays and life moments to not get my hopes up). We had a ski trip that was coming up right after Christmas with my family back in California at Mammoth Mountain, and I thought maybe it would happen then because I was so hoping my family would be there for the proposal since I live far away from them now, and we are so close. I didn’t want to get my hopes up, though, and when Braden seemed so casual and not stressed about guarding his suitcase, I was convinced it wasn’t happening that week.

Laura and Braden's Engagement in Mammoth Mountain, CA

At the beginning of the week, Braden casually mentioned that we should go to the summit of the mountain to look at the view and maybe have lunch – which I thought was a great idea and promptly invited my family and took it on to plan it myself (typical) because I was so excited. So the day came and we went up to the summit of Mammoth Mountain after a morning of skiing with my family, ready to have lunch and look at the view before more skiing.

Of course, it crossed my mind that Braden could maybe propose…but I immediately dismissed the thought because I had planned the lunch in my excitement! And we had just skied all morning, so I knew there was no way there was a ring anywhere involved. At that point, I was convinced he wasn’t proposing on the trip. I was starving after skiing, so as we found a table in the restaurant I was ready to go get food. But Braden kept insisting we should go look at the view first and take a picture of all of us, which my mom had requested.

So we ventured outside and broke apart from my family to go and look at the gorgeous mountains around us. After a minute or two, I started walking back to my family as I knew my mom wanted that picture (and I was ready to eat!). As I was walking away, I heard Braden call for me, and ask me to come back. He looked really surprised I had walked away, and I didn’t understand why he wasn’t joining me for the picture. So my stubborn self asked, “Why?” to his request I come back. To which he responded, “Because I want to ask you something.”

At that moment, time started standing still as I started getting a strong suspicion of what was coming. I walked back to Braden like a zombie as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The rest is an absolute blur – there were 50+ people on the mountain that all cheered and congratulated us, and THEN we got that family picture.

It was the absolute best way he could have asked me, with my family there watching and taking pictures, and it meant so much to me the time and care he put into figuring out that day – he did feel grateful I ended up planning it for him, because it meant I was much less suspicious!

Where to Propose in Mammoth Mountain, CA

I’m still not sure how he managed to ski all morning with that ring + box in his pocket… but I sure am grateful he did :) Now I can’t wait to become Mrs. Askvig after almost 6 years of dating!