Laura and Blaze

How We Met

Blaze & I met in our small town elementary school. We were friends all during elementary school, but drifted apart when he began to attend a private school in our middle school years. Fast forward to us being 18. I walked into my first day at my very first job. And guess who was there? Blaze. My heart was happy having a familiar face at a new point in my life. After several years of coming closer and flirting, we went out for my 21st birthday. We were together every day from that point on. From little kids to college grads to now being engaged. It’s been a long, beautiful ride.

how they asked

Blaze & I planned a snowboarding trip for December of 2015. It was our first extended trip together and I was so excited! I had never been snowboarding before, but thought it couldn’t be that hard. Right? Well, boy was I wrong! Blaze (the black slope expert) spent the day on the beginner (green) slopes with me, patiently teaching as I clumsily made my way down the mountain. Im not used to things not coming easily to me, so I was extremely frustrated. Blaze was constantly motivating me and cheering me on! On our final pass of the day, I found myself stuck in deep snow, frustrated, and in a lot of pain. That’s when (to my absolute surprise) He asked me to make him the happiest man in the world, forever! I immediately began to cry the happiest of tears. And of course I said yes! I was shocked! How did I ever get this lucky? To be proposed to in a beautiful surrounding by such an amazing man?!