Laura and Augustinas

how we met

We met in group of friends. We were all hanging out in the city during a chilly October evening. At first, we did not even introduce ourselves to each other and I barely spoke to him. Augustinas was charming, flirty and was talking a lot. Seemed like he was trying just to get my attention. I was right. Later that evening, he asked me something random, and from that moment we chatted and flirted with each other for the rest of the evening. There was some instant chemistry there.

how they asked

It happened in Mexico. We were diving in beautiful caves filled with crystal clear water. It was not very deep, so Augustinas asked me to dive down with him to get something from the bottom. It was a little shell formed box, and the ring was inside of it. This was the most unexpected but beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. I was happy beyond words.To this day, I keep asking him, how did he get that ring to the bottom of the cave?? But Augustinas never seems to give out his secret about the proposal.



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