Laura and Anthony

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How We Met

I met Anthony back in 2015 on Instagram. It sounds ridiculous as long-term relationships are not meant to be found on Instagram, however, in our case, it was just the platform we needed for us to meet. Who knew that so many years ago one very unimportant scroll through my newsfeed would lead me to the most gorgeous partner, both inside and out, that I now get to call my fiancé. I was immediately drawn towards his cute warm smile and kind eyes and I instantly wanted to know more. Those were the features that I fell in love with both backs then and now. Long story short I found what I was looking for……literally, yet didn’t do anything about it other than like one photo. It wasn’t until two weeks after, that I had a message from this beautiful stranger saying ‘The choice is yours a cheesy pick-up line or an ordinary ‘hey what’s up?’ I responded ‘a cheesy pick-up line please’. He said ‘Can I take a photo for all my friends to prove that angels really do exist?’ I responded ‘ummm maybe you should have just said hi’. But hey it worked and got us talking and the rest is history…

What was really cool about our story is that it was not your typical online love story, we had actually crossed paths numerous times in the past and didn’t even know it. Here are just a few of the times we could have crossed paths but didn’t:

-He watched my soccer grand final back in 2011 supporting the opposition team yet remembering the girl on the left-wing wearing a headband (me)

– At the same place at PCYC Anthony was playing basketball downstairs while I’d be upstairs dancing with my hip hop crew.-Growing up we only lived 5 mins away from each other and went to the same corner store after school to select both our favorite red sour strap lollies.

-His work manager was a good friend of mine.

-His cousin married my family friend which was celebrated back in the day. The list goes on and on…….

With so many connections we were shocked that we hadn’t met before, like I said Instagram was just the platform that brought us together at the right time in our lives. Seems that our paths were always so close which probably explained why I felt like I knew Anthony from day one. When we finally met, we knew it was something special and had to pursue it further.

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How They Asked

Anthony’s proposal was memorable, finetuned and smoking hot!! Oh so perfect for me, how could I say no! It started with a morning drive to ‘brunch’ and ended with a fiancé. The red 1965 Ford Mustang with a V8 engine wasn’t the only thing that made my heart skip a beat that day. It was a sunny Sunday, originally, we had an event on in the afternoon which is what I was prepared for, yet it was highly suggested that we go for brunch beforehand. The penny dropped when we pull up to a shop with a freshly waxed 1965 red mustang, glistering in the sunlight ready for the adventure that awaited us. I couldn’t jump in the driver’s seat fast enough, and off we went.

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Our 1ststop was at my favorite church St Marys’ Cathedral for a morning service. Our 2ndstop was at a beautiful picnic location with glorious Sydney views. Here is where a rustic picnic was set up for me, with personalized gifts and our very own personal chef cooking us a hot coal BBQ (my favorite). After five loving long years, he finally popped the question and I said YES!!!

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This moment was made even better by our favorite song, ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’-Prince playing in the background. Also, the BBQ was amazing. After this surreal moment we drove on and over most bridges in Sydney with the top down and sun beaming feeling ontop of the world. But wait there’s more……. Anthony organised an intimate dinner party at my favorite restaurant (Grano- Wetherill Park) where we arrived in style meeting to a happy crowd of loved ones. The day couldn’t have been anymore special, it is one we’d never forget and we look forward to creating more memories like this for future celebration to come.

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Special Thanks

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