Laura and Angel

How We Met

10 years ago, Angel and I met on MySpace…yes, MySpace. 2 years later, we got engaged…the first time. Things obviously did not work out the way we had expected or hoped. We may have fallen apart, but years later we fell back together.

how they asked

On our most recent trip, we decided to explore Europe; France, Spain, and Italy. Our first stop was Paris. We were there 4 days and on the last day, Angel suggested we go up the Eiffel Tower. I was reluctant because I am deathly afraid of heights. We bought the tickets to the top anyway and I suggested we see how each level went. After the first floor, I felt ok. After the 2nd floor, I was more nervous. He asked if I felt up to going to the top but I wasn’t sure. He said to me “you’ve made it this far, you have to keep going…it’s Paris. What’s more Paris than this?!”. I closed my eyes the whole elevator ride up. My knees were shaking at the top and I stayed hugging the wall the whole time. As we walked, stamps of “place to kiss” were located around. He said, “let me ask someone to take our picture”.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Top of the Eiffel Tower

Angel turns to a random stranger and I hear him say “yea, just put it on video”. Confused, I get annoyed and go, “why are you saying video…this is a picture…what are you doing?!”. He assured me it’s fine and I turn around to huff to myself. When I turn back, he was down on one knee. I still had no idea what he was doing. I looked at him and say, “what are you doing?” He’s talking but I don’t really hear anything he is saying. I get down on the floor with him and he places the ring in front of my eyes and asks me to marry him…again. Once I realized what was happening, I cried. At the top of the world, two people were perched on the floor of a tower, expressing their love once again. He proposed with the same ring he had the first time. He said, “it was always meant for me”. Love always wins.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Top of the Eiffel Tower

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