Laura and Andrew

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How We Met

After being introduced by their best friends Danny and Alexis (now married), Andrew and Laura became friends. Months of friendship led to Andrew asking Laura out on a date. The date was very awkward. Laura had never been out on a date before, having only had one boyfriend in high school; they only ever hung out with friends. Let’s just say that nothing good came from that date. Months and plans went buy and they barely saw each other. Laura started her Junior semester of college and Andrew started working at his family owned Laundromat.

Andrew planned a party at his house and Laura went along with Danny and Alexis. They barely got the chance to hangout at the party and Laura realized that she had a change of heart. She asked Andrew out on a date! Andrew came into the city (NYC) and they had an amazing date. She offered to pay since she asked him, but he very smoothly payed the bill and said she could get the next one. They walked along the water and then sat for a bit. After a very long silence, Laura told Andrew how she felt now. After an even longer silence, he kissed her on the cheek and then they had the most amazing first kiss. Well, that date was very successful and within weeks they were officially a couple!

After only a few months of dating, Laura went to Paris to study abroad. Although this seemed like it might be difficult for the new relationship, it only helped make it stronger. Andrew surprised Laura in Paris, proving that this was truly a budding romance!

how they asked

We had been together for almost 9 years when we got engaged. We’ve been living together for the past 4, have a pet and are already basically married. We are the couple that everyone has been waiting for. Well it is our turn now. My cousin had just gotten married and we planned a last minute Fourth of July trip to Miami. I of course thought this was it and he would propose on the beach or at a fancy dinner. Suspicions arose and hints kept being dropped. I was getting anxious. We went shopping the night before our trip for last minute things. We had to get home and still needed to make dinner and pack! We got home and I ran to the bathroom before we started anything. I came back into the hallway and he stopped me in my tracks and said “I have something for you” . He then got down on both knees, kissed my belly and said “Laura will you marry me” I immediately started crying, nodded my head and said yes. He then took out a box with the most gorgeous custom made ring made by his father, a jeweler. I stared at the ring and then back at him and didn’t know what to do. He then took it and put in on my finger. A perfect fit! He stood up and we hugged and kissed. He then said “but you haven’t even seen the ring yet” . We had been standing in the dark hallway, so we went into the kitchen. The ring was just so beautiful. He then said “I thought about doing something big in Miami, but I thought it would be better and more romantic to do it in our home” . And it truly was more special and romantic. We finished celebrating, by opening a bottle of Perrier Jouet champagne, a bottle that we had been saving for this moment. He had it chilling in the fridge and good thing I went to the bathroom when we first got home and didn’t go into the kitchen, because the hand painted glasses that came with the bottle were drying on the counter! It was a perfect evening. Oh but we did have to make dinner and pack still! We spent the weekend by celebrating and relaxing in Miami!

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