Laura and Alex

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

How We Met

Alex and I had known of each other for several years before he came around and asked my best friend if she thought I’d be interested in him =). My best friend knowing both of us thought we would be a great match!. Alex did the new age “slide into the DM” LOL. Little did he know that I was already waiting for it since my bff gave me the heads up. I think we both came into each other’s lives at the right time. From the first date, it just felt right, we both felt at ease. Sometimes you think having nerves might be telling, but for us,+ it was that sense of ease. We dated for 6 months before making it “official” and then 2 years later and now I’m engaged to my best friend.

Our video is posted on both of our instagrams and can be shared from there. Please let me know if we need to put it on youtube and we will!

How They Asked

I always mentioned to Alex that if and when he decided to propose to me to please make it private, just us. Knowing Alex, I should have known that he would not listen. Alex loves surprises! My sister ended up planning a family day to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which didn’t seem weird to me since we like to do family days. It was a Sunday and Alex was playing softball, so I thought, so I asked him to meet us afterward for dinner.

Laura and Alex's Engagement in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I did have a slight feeling that something might be happening but truly didn’t think he would propose if his parents were not in town (His parents live in Florida and Alex is super family-oriented, so I knew he would want them around the day he decided to propose). Little did I know, that I would be walking out of the Met to find his parents, our closest family members and friends holding up letters that spelled out “Will You Marry Me”. I was so surprised and then I saw him walking down the steps and then it all happened! So much for private! But I wasn’t upset at all. He totally surprised me and it was perfect.

Where to Propose in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Special Thanks

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