Laura and Aaron

How We Met

We met in February of 2014. Our very first date, Aaron came to my parents’ house! He walked in with such confidence and a huge smile; everyone instantly fell in love with him, including me. On our second date, we went to a coffee house and chatted for hours. There was no doubt in my mind by this point, I was going to marry this guy.

how they asked

We had planned to go away for the weekend and Aaron took charge. We packed our bags and set off super early to an unknown destination. On the “journey” he pulled over at the service station and handed me my passport and said we were headed to the airport. With the boarding passes on his phone I was totally Unaware of where we were travelling to (thanks to online boarding passes) until we reached the boarding gate and the sign said “Cologne” (which is famous for it’s Christmas markets.) After an absolutely gorgeous day in the snow wandering the festive streets of Cologne, we visited the Cathedral. After lighting a candle and a short prayer inside, we made our way back into the Christmas filled square outside. On the way out, Aaron pulled me into one of the Cathedral’s many arches where he pulled out the Rosado’s box and asked me to marry him!! It was truly magical. Photos to follow!