Latsamy and James

How We Met

We met 6 years ago, he had an extra ticket to an event. He was buddies with my boss and stopped by to see if he wanted to go with him. My boss decided to play matchmaker and told him to ask me, because he knew I had no plans (I was in month 13 of taking a year off dating). We were introduced and he asked me if I’d like to go to a Jeff Dunham concert. Not knowing what genre of music that was and wanting to dress the part, I asked what kind of music does he play? He laughed and told me he was a…ventriloquist?!?

Luckily, I still said yes.


how they asked

I booked a quick trip to Paris & Barcelona, it was 8 days over Valentine’s Day last year. We decided to have a photographer friend drive us around to all the landmarks and take pictures of us to use as art around the house. Our last stop was a bridge, I was not expecting him to propose at all, especially since I did not think we were near the Eiffel Tower. As we kept strolling down the bridge, I saw the Eiffel Tower. It was a great view, he knelt down to propose. I said Oui! As our photographer was snapping pictures, a group of tourists saw us and assumed we were either filming/modeling, so they all began to snap away! After our kiss, I asked him if he planned the paparazzi too!


Special Thanks

James K
Wedding ring
Photographer at wedding