Latrina and Lamont

How We Met

We went to elementary school together.

How They Asked

My birthday is 11/09 (which fell on a Monday this year), so that Saturday on 11/07, he woke me up early and took me to a wonderful breakfast, and to get my nails & makeup done under the guise we had an event to attend (during Covid ?) that evening. Fast-forward, makeup, and stuff are done, but he ‘forgot’ something at home, and we needed to stop there! I also had to remind him that I wasn’t dressed for an ‘event’, I mean, I was cute, but not EVENT cute. Walked in the house, and SUUUUURPRIZZZZZE! A surprise bday party for turning 50! My fiance kinda disappeared in the crowded house, and my thoughts the whole time is “BUT, WHERE IS LAMONT”? I kept asking people, and they kept redirecting my attention elsewhere. THEN…. There is this song by Daniel Cesar called “Get You”, and I told Lamont “When we do get married at some point in life before I die, I need you to sing this song to me at my wedding”! Welllll, as my friends and I are taking pictures, I hear MY SONG playing in the background (but, I didn’t think much of it), and when I turned around, my handsome man was standing there and he says “You wanna dance”? I’m like, “Umm, sure”!? THE WAYYYYY HE SAID IT… As we’re dancing to Daniel Cesar’s…there is a breakdown in the song, and Lamont got on bended knee and it was absolutely EVERYTHING! I found out later that he asked my oldest daughter who’s 28yrs old for my hand in marriage since I no longer have parents or grandparents. I told Lamont “there was nothing you could have done better to make it anymore PERFECT”!