Latonja and Arthur

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Signature Room at the 95th in the John Hancock Building

How We Met

We met in 1994, through my brother Perry who is also one of Arthur’s best friends. Fast forward to 1998, he would come over so I can braid his hair and help with styling for performances when they rapped together as a group. Early 2007, we dated briefly when I was pregnant with Jace, but the timing wasn’t right. Through the years, we remained friends throughout many different life events and relationships.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Signature Room at the 95th in the John Hancock Building

I’ve always viewed Arthur as one of my best friends and someone that’s honest without judging me. At times, I would find myself on the phone with him for hours talking about nothing, or simply talking about life without watching the clock. When I had male issues I would call him immediately because he always kept it real, but he also was the one that made me think about the role I played.

LATONJA M. and ARTHUR E.'s Engagement in The Signature Room at the 95th in the John Hancock Building

In October 2016, he and I started to spend time together and our conversations became face-to-face instead of our ritual over the phone conversations we had years prior. I began to develop feelings for him and there was on a particular conversation we had when I mustered up the courage to ask, “if he was willing to try with me?”, and he asked, “if I was serious or if I was BSing?”, and I said, “I’m serious!” Our conversation became very intense that day, but he finally answered my question with a “YES!”, and from that moment my best friend of many years became more than a friend.

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how they asked

I’ve always talked about going on a scavenger hunt, therefore; he planned one for my birthday. That afternoon I was dropped her off in Wicker Park where our sister and friend Latrice were waiting to aid and assist with the scavenger hunt, but I had no idea what the night would bring. One of the clues led me the Sheraton hotel downtown Chicago. I arrived to the room with the hope of him proposing but he was not there. When I entered the room it was beautifully decorated, my bath water was ready, and my final clue included the dress I should wear for the night with specific instruction of the time I leave the room and him meeting me.

We went to The Signature Room for my dinner celebration with family and friends. After eating a delicious meal the server brought us all the dessert menus and handed it to me first. The only thing I saw was Key Lime cheesecake which is my favorite dessert but I noticed something was off with the description. As my eyes scanned the bottom of the menu I saw the question “Will You Marry Me, Candy?.” I was shocked but that did not last because shocked turned into tears of joy, he went on one knee, and asked me again if I would marry him. I said yes and he patiently slid the ring on my finger.

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