Latitia and Jonathan

How We Met

Jonathan and I have always said that there are no such things as coincidences! This is especially true for our love story. We had crossed paths so many times over the years, including 4 whole years together at Saint Francis University in Loretto, Pennsylvania: population 1,500. Despite the many instances of us being in the same places at the same times, we hadn’t really talked to one another until 2015.   Jonathan had made the move to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to pursue exciting new job opportunities after completing his MBA. Not long after that, I announced on social media that I’d be beginning work on Ph.D. at Duquesne University.

Jonathan sent me a message offering to help me move into what he thought would be an apartment in the city, but I had to reluctantly share that I’d be commuting to campus.  I hadn’t heard much from him until weeks later when he made another attempt to meet up by asking me to dinner. Our schedules were so hectic at the time that we spent several weeks talking to one another before actually having the opportunity to go on that date.  We both knew that this was the start of something very special!

how they asked

After two exciting years of dating, Jonathan asked me to marry him in a dream proposal in Myrtle Beach, SC on June 9, 2017. The location was a special spot for us: the resort where we spent our very first vacation together and officially knew that we’d be together forever.

I had been so excited that day because Jonathan had asked if we could finally take pictures to hang in our new apartment. I had spent our first few trips to Myrtle Beach lusting for the traditional beach photos where we had on matching white outfits with fresh tans.

He was well aware of my love for those photos and encouraged me to wear white that Friday night.  After spending a few hours getting ready, we headed to the back of the hotel.  I was immediately blown away by what I had seen: hundreds of red rose petals and countless candles. Jonathan had secretly hired a proposal planner AND a photographer to capture the moment!

Special Thanks

Scott Smallin