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How We Met

Many times, in life, we have experiences which, when isolated, can mean nothing to us until placed in context with other experiences. You can think of them, like puzzle pieces, which until the picture is completed, can seem insignificant. Sometimes these seemingly insignificant encounters can change your life forever, and this was definitely the case for Sterling and me in the late summer of 2008. When Sterling had moved onto campus early in preparation for football camp, little did he know he would meet his future wife, ME while hurrying past me moving into my freshman dorm? While he says I caught his eye, he did not bother to stop and help my family (mom, sister, and aunt) and I! He claims he and his teammates were late for a football meeting and were trying to avoid the ire of the coaches lol.

My mother, needless to say, was not happy that they had gone hustling past us without offering their assistance. Her exact words were, “oh so Y’all aren’t gonna help?!” After explaining the circumstances they thankfully got a little grace. Thanks to a small campus, a smaller black student population (and a newly popular social media platform called Facebook) it was not long until we would cross paths again.

Sterling began the process of pursuing me, which began with meeting for lunch and dinner dates on campus and long talks while sitting in the community kitchen of my dorm building. Naturally, as poor college students, outside of an occasional night out (Applebee’s was fine dining) we spent most of our time around campus just hanging with friends or studying together. We officially began dating on October 17th, 2008.

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how they asked

Naturally very inquisitive (Sterling would say nosey lol), I like to know and plan out all the details about pretty much everything and tend to ask a lot of questions. Sterling’s birthday was coming up and naturally, I wanted to plan something great for him. He told me that he wanted me to plan a dinner and take professional photos for his birthday. This was to keep me busy as Sterling says lol. Unbeknownst to me, our family and friends were playing along as I requested their presence for the dinner.

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The day of the “photos,” we arrived on location and began taking pictures. As we are walking along, the photographer leads us up a staircase. At the top, I am met with our friends and family, candles in hand, with our song playing in the background, Nothing Even Matters by Lauryn Hill. He leads me into the middle of the circle where he shared beautiful words about our love story. It was then that he got on one knee and popped the question I’d been waiting for!!

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