Latisha and Lamonte

How We Met: Lamonte and I met as freshmen in college both attending North Carolina A&T State University. I was heavily active in my college marching band as a dancer and he was actively involved on campus within his fraternity. We had a lot of mutual friends, but there was one in particular we both happened to be close to without knowing one another.

Image 2 of Latisha and Lamonte

Our mutual friend, Dennis Mills introduced us one day in front of the café and Lamonte became interested in getting to know me. We remained friends through out college and now we will be life long partners, forever!

Image 1 of Latisha and Lamonte

how they asked: I have a company by the name of EducateDancer, which supports and assists dancers who are in school. I just recently opened a dance studio and decided to plan an event for the one year celebration of my company! I planned this wonderful gathering with food, photographer, music, and friends.

Everyone showed up and I was super excited to have this amazing event with all my closest friends. My mom decided to do a toast and to talk about my company. My boyfriend then stands up to talk about how he has seen the progress of when I started to where I am now and how proud he was of me.

Image 3 of Latisha and Lamonte

I love cake, so I was ecstatic to see that my family purchased a cake for the anniversary of my company. They open the cake and my mother says “Oh no, they put the wrong thing on your cake.” I look and it says “Congrats on your engagement.” My boyfriend drops down to his knees and asks me to be his wife. I tried to control my crying, this was the best moment of my life!

Photography by Kenneth Flowers