LaTara and Cortez

LaTara and Cortez's Engagement in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

How We Met

We both swiped right!

We met back in July of 2014 after matching on Tinder. A day or so had passed after I got the match and I hadn’t heard anything from him so I decided to reach out. He responded fairly quickly and chatting on Tinder turned into texting which eventually led to a long phone conversation where we agreed to meet up in person. I was certain after our first date that I wouldn’t hear from him again. Not because I wasn’t interested but because it seemed as if he wasn’t. He spent a large portion of dinner watching me cringe away from the birds surrounding our outside table and listening to me talk about how much they terrified me. I was certain he thought I was crazy lol. Crazy or not he did reach out again. 1 date turned into 2, then 3 and before the month was out we were seeing each other regularly. Despite living 45 minutes away, working 3 jobs and finishing Paramedic school he always found time to spend with me, even if it meant sacrificing sleep to do so. I admit I was hesitant in the beginning to start a new relationship but his dedication to getting to know me and his all around nature wooed me faster than I care to admit :)

It’s been over 3 years now and it still amazes me that an app brought us together. I am grateful every single day that we both took the chance to see what it could bring us.

how they asked

To celebrate our 3 year anniversary and both of our 33rd birthdays (all of which occur within a 4 day time span) we decided to take our first real vacation together. After a long travel day full of delays and anticipation we finally arrived to our room in Punta Cana late afternoon. We decide to head down to scope out the private beach and as soon as we hit the sand it started to rain. Disappointed, I suggested we heard back to the room but he protested that we could wait it out. Eventually we did head back and I went out onto our balcony to watch the rain and the sunset. A few minutes later he comes out with me. We chat for awhile and he begins to go through our 3 years together: the ups, the downs and all of the ways he loves and appreciates me. Me; still clueless; chats along making comments and interjecting every few seconds. He continues on through my interruptions and in a rare moment of my silence he turns to me and says “so I guess that’s why I’d like to ask…”. I look over and see him going down on one knee pulling a box from his pocket. He opens the box, looks me in the eye and says “Will you marry me?” My mind emptied and for once was speechless lol. Finally I start to laugh and say “of course! YES!”.

More than 3 months later I still don’t think I’ve come down from that high. It was like a dream and we had an entire week in paradise afterwards to celebrate! He later told me he planned to propose on the beach at sunset that first night but my insistence that we go back to the room because of the rain made him have to readjust his plan. I think it worked out perfectly. Because of the location change he was able to set up his phone to record the whole thing so now I have a video of the best moment of my life to cherish forever!

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