Lashon and Benjamin

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How We Met

We met on a dating site. He had posted something on his page saying if you are alone it’s time to look in the mirror because maybe it’s you. I replied to his post saying I looked in the mirror and it isn’t me I’m perfect. He messaged me and we exchanged numbers. From there the rollercoaster took off slowly going up.

how they asked

We broke up about six or seven times. The breakups never lasted longer than three days. We finally realized we couldn’t be without each other so there were no more breakups. We were happy. I gave him ultimatums with the time frame of a proposal. I didn’t want to wait 5-10 years. He’s very stubborn, and likes to do things on his time. Every time I mentioned ring he would get so irritated. Birthday came December 18th, then Christmas, and Valentine’s day passed. No ring…. His mom passed Christmas day. I knew how hard it was because I already lost my mom years ago. I was there for him during his loss. I stood by his side during everything. I think that played a major part in his life. Our relationship anniversary June 12th was coming up. June 11th we decided to start our anniversary. We went to red lobster. It was a lady with a wheel chair coming through I got up and held the door for her. He said, “you’re such a beautiful person that’s why I love you”. We got home I went to the room and sat on the bed. He said he wanted to give me my anniversary gift early. He handed me a small pink bag. I opened up this perfume YSL which smelled lovely. I seen something else in the bag….. I was so upset….. It was the chocolate gold balls I gave him a few days before. I said “how are you going to give me a gift that I gave you” ? I pulled it out the bag and I seen a small red box inside of the container of chocolate ! OMG !!! Is this what i think it is ?! I opened it up and finally finally ! It was my ring ! He got down on one knee. He said, “Lashon I love you so much, you’re a sweet loving woman with a good heart. My mom loved you and I appreciate you being by my side through everything, will you marry me ?” He probably said more things, but my brain was trying to reload and process what was going on. I, for the first time was speechless with my hand over my mouth in disbelief. I said YES ! I took a nap right after. I think I got tired from all of the excitement. I remember having it on my index finger because it didn’t fit yet. I woke up with the ring on my finger realizing it wasn’t a dream. I was really engaged. I couldn’t be happier. You guys know I called EVERYBODY and told them. Our Wedding is 09/29/18. Everything is coming along great besides the fight over who should be my maid of honor, but that’s another story. Advice for the single crowd, never give up on love just be patient.

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