Larissa and Justin

How We Met

Justin and I met briefly at the young age of 13 and 14 when he and his friends came out to watch my soccer game. I was in the 8th grade at the time. We didn’t really know each other and only kept in touch over MSN (for those who remember the messenger days). We remained strangers until our paths crossed again a few years later in high school. I was a 10th grader and he was an 11th grader and I had happened to be put on the senior lunch schedule. This forced me to develop new friendships and I became close with the girls who were part of Justin’s friend group. As time went out Justin and I would slowly start sitting closer and closer together in the cafeteria. Before I knew it, he was coming out to watch my volley-ball games and we began talking quite often. After four months of awkward head nods and stumbling greetings, he finally wracked up the courage to ask me to spend time with him and after only a few dates together (which comprised of our parents driving us everywhere) we were inseparable ever since.

how they asked

“My Highschool Sweetheart” In the spring of 2008, I never would have imagined that I would forever love one person for the rest of my life. Justin and I met briefly at the young age of 13 and 14 but remained strangers until our paths crossed again a few years later in high school. Almost three years later it didn’t take long for Justin and I to get to know each other. I knew there was something special about this boy. Our friendship blossomed quickly into a relationship and soon we became inseparable. After high school we continued our education at the same University and continued supporting each other’s passions for sports. Justin played on the Varsity Lacrosse Team and I played on the Varsity Soccer Team.

Other than our love for sports, we have always shared so much in common including our eagerness to succeed, our terrible sense of humour, our stubbornness and our love for the outdoors. Our inseparable bond became concrete on the weekend of July 8th, 2017 after spending Friday evening at our friends’ wedding in Vaughan. The best part of the whole evening was that I had caught the bouquet and had no idea that Justin had been planning the proposal for months for the following day. Early Saturday morning, we headed out to Collingwood to spend the rest of the weekend at Blue Mountain. Justin had planned a Scenic Cave tour, Zip-lining and a hike up the Blue Mountain ski slopes. During our hike up the Village Way we came upon a wooden picture frame and inside the frame it said, “Our journey began when we were only young… and as the time has passed, it’s clear it was meant to last.” I noted how cute of a gesture the frame was and wondered why it was there. We continued onward… As we climbed and were nearing the top, another picture frame came into sight. This time propped up on a wooden bridge crossing over a creek. It had the words, “You’re almost done! Now Hurry up and meet me at the top… so I can tell you you’re the one.”

Larissa's Proposal in Blue Mountain Inn, Collingwood Ontario

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Blue Mountain Inn, Collingwood Ontario

I immediately got excited because I knew this had to be a proposal. When Justin asked me what I thought it meant, I told him, “I think someone is proposing! This is so romantic, let’s hurry up so we can catch it!” As we ended the hike and reached the top of the mountain Justin brought me over to the quiet opening of a ski hill and told me he wanted to take a picture of me looking out at the view of Georgian Bay. While I was facing the view, waiting for him to capture the perfect picture, Justin was taking out a wooden picture frame from his backpack, opening up a ring box, turning on his go-pro video and getting down on one knee. Nine years later, the moment I had only dreamed of, had finally arrived (and I still didn’t know it). He told me that he took the picture and as I turned around I saw my best friend and the love of my life on one knee, asking me to marry him. And of course, with no doubt in my mind, the answer was, and forever will be, “yes!”

Special Thanks

Sam Symonds | 
My best friend drove up earlier in the morning to hike the trail and set up the picture frames for Justin.
Greg Debekker | 
Sam's boyfriend, Greg, hid with Sam in the trees to capture the magical moment.