Larissa and Jose

How We Met

Jose and I met August of 2014 at orientation for the masters’ program we would be starting. He and I had our very first two master level courses together. I do have to admit that he noticed me before I noticed him, but better late than never ;). I used to ride my bike to class until I crashed one morning, I had to go into class with scuffed up knees and elbows. Jose saw and offered me rides to and from classes. Of course, I was too shy and declined the wonderful offer. He was persistent in his efforts. Later, he asked me to join him for his birthday celebrate and again, I declined. I am very shy. We went our separate ways for winter break and within the first week of spring semester, he sat down and had lunch with me. He was too shy to ask me out on a date in person so the minute he walked away, I received a message asking me out. Of course I said YES! The rest is history from there. We moved in together June 2015.

how they asked

Jose and I graduated from Case Western Reserve University’s MSSA program together and as a present, his parents purchased plane tickets for us to accompany them on a trip to Puerto Rico, where Jose’s family lives. We were in Cabo Rojo at this time. His father is in photography club and he needed to picture of a bridge. We found a natural bridge at a nearby beach. His father instructed Jose and I to go out on the bridge so he can get a photo. Jose is TERRIFIED of heights so by the time, we jumped the fence stating we couldn’t enter and made our way out to the bridge, he was shaking. He begins to tell me that he feels like he is going to fall so when I see him going down to a knee, my assumption is he is about to fall to his death but I was wrong.

Proposal Ideas Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

He proposed and the entire moment was captured by his father.

Where to Propose in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

I found out that his mother was carrying around the ring everyday so when Jose found “the spot” so he would be ready to propose.