Larissa and Bryan

How We Met

My fiance Bryan and I met at our church. He had been going for about 6 years, myself about 2, before we met. I kept seeing him for a period of 6 months or so before meeting, and I couldn’t help but thinking I had to meet him! I got the nerve to approach him one Sunday, and we have been inseparable since.

Image 1 of Larissa and Bryan

Image 2 of Larissa and Bryan

how they asked

We knew we would marry very early in our relationship. We just knew this was God’s joining, so we gave ourselves a minimum of dating one year before engagement. Bryan then had complete permission to propose! I of course had been thinking about it once our anniversary arrived, but tried and tried not to obsess. We had already discussed everything and felt comfortable about the decision, but I will always remember those nerves and anxiety waiting for him to propose. It wasn’t always fun however; I would have people tell me that I was “doing it wrong” and that expecting the proposal “ruined the surprise and magic”. I would believe them at times, but looking back now I am positive how it happened was just as God had planned. It was our story, not theirs. We both learned a lot leading up the actual proposal, but speaking just for myself I learned patience and to let go of (well lets say improved) my control issues.

Then one Saturday came where Bryan had made reservations at the beautiful Cliff House in San Francisco. My parents were to meet us there, and just enjoy the beautiful day together. After arriving we walked around some, then had a drink at the bar waiting for my parents. After they arrived we went back outside to see the amazing ocean view (unlike any other! Seriously Google the restaurant). In one whirlwind moment, Bryan grabbed my hands and began talking about how much he loved me, about how God had ordained this union, and more mushy stuff I won’t go on about. Then he said my full name, got down on one knee, pulled a ring box out and asked me to marry him! It all happened so fast it was so hard to really take it all in. My parents were right there and snapped some amazing photos, and Bryan had planned to have a friend that is a professional photographer there as well. It was such a beautiful and perfect day, one to remember forever.

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